NuCam 720p Light Socket Wi-Fi Hidden IP Security Camera with Motion Detection Nuvending

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NuCam 720p Light Socket Wi-Fi Security Camera

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Quick Overview

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  • Installation is easy: No special wiring, drilling, expertise or tools. Twist the bulb into a standard E26/E27 light fixture and turn the light switch on.

  • Key Features: Motion Detection with an alarm options for push notifications to your Device or E-mail. The 720p begins recording immediately. MicroSD is accepted up to 32gb with an option to save onto your smartphone, or PC memory.

  • Night Vision with 3rd generation IR array let you view/record the activities at night up to 15m, Turning on/off the LED light from the app on your phone remotely.

  • No Monthing Fees and No Purchase Necessary to use our App "NuCam".

  • Service and Warranty: Excellent customer support. One Year Warranty

  • Buy 3 for $104.99 each and save 9%
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Click the name or Search "NuCam IR Motion Dectection Light Bulb Camera" in Youtube to get the installation guide and video results for our product. 


  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Camera Pixels: 1.0M HD, 720p resolution
  • Built-in Microphone and Motion Detection Sensor
  • Night Vision Range: 1-15m
  • Motion Detection Range: 0-8m
  • Input Voltage:AC 110V~250V

This is New Version of NuCam with updated app NuCam App

Stop paying monthly monitoring fees to safeguard your home or property. NuCam Hidden Camera Light Bulb lets you see high resolution 720p live videofeed right to your device. The NuCam 720p saves your video files directly to your smartphone or a microSD card up to 32gb inserted into the camera. This camera has the option to auto overwrite files starting with the oldest first for prolonged recording. Built-in motion detection and infrared night vision are able to activate the video feed even during darkness. 

5" long 360 degree flexible base extender or 32gb Class 10 SanDisk microSD card can be purchased separately from NuVending or NuVending Amazon Store.

Product Q & A

Note: The following Q&A is for the model with Amazon ASIN:B013ZG4L3W . For the one with Amazon ASIN: B00YBFNN9U , it comes with the new app: BSTCAM and the camera UID is a ETxxxx. They are pretty similar in function and setup steps.

Question: How can I connect the camera to my windows based tablet?

NuVending: You can install the software "P2PCamWin" from the disc included in the package. Here is the PC software home screen with explanation.  If you do not have disc reader, you can also view it from IE. Or we can share a dropbox with the software with you.

Question: I can connect the camera to my LAN and view the images as long as my phone remains in range of this particular LAN.  I don't appear able to connect the camera to my home network in a way that allows me to view the images from anywhere.

NuVending: After you install the app "P2P IPCamera"(android or IOS) to your cellphone and connect to the wifi of the NuCam router (from your wifi setting on your cellphone. It is a 12 digits number followed by _IPNCAP), you can get into the NuCam "Advanced Setting" to configure its wifi setting from "Edit Camera" option under more options button. Please see the following picture. After you configure it to your home or office wifi setting, you will be able to see it everywhere.

Question: How do I record video to my smartphone memory? I want to save my mobile data when I am out of wifi range, do you have any suggestion while keeping the capability to check the video of the camera. Do you have any suggestion?

NuVending: At this moment, unfortunately you can only record video to the micro SD card (sold separately). The NuCam 1080p version (Amazon ASIN: B00YBFNN9U) can give you options to save the videos to micro SD or smartphone memory. We are updating the app for NuCam 720p to include the option to save video to the smartphone memory.  Please contact us for updated information.

In order to save the consuming of your mobile data, I suggest you to choose 640x480VGA (video quality: medium) and set "record setting mode" at ALARM. By this way you can save the video to micro SD card and you can play it back through "view events".

Question:  The wifi of the NuCam router does not show up in the wifi list of the cellphone, I can not get into "Advanced Setting". What can I do?

NuVending: NuCam sometimes might lose connection after you make change in your Advanced Setting. To reconnect, please keep the NuCam powered on and try to push reset button in the pinhole of your light bulb.  If you can not reach the pinhole while the NuCam is in the metal shroud, please try to find some other socket or ask a gooseneck extender from us.  We will send one to you with a minimal charge.

Question: I can connect to the camera. But after I set up the wifi in the "advanced setting", I can not connect to the camera again. What should I do?

Nuvending: Sometimes after you do some change in the advanced setting, you might get lost of the connection to the light bulb camera. If so just restart your cellphone and light bulb camera power switch, then you should be able to connect it again. Just as you need to do with your router if you get lost of the wifi at home.

Question: Have a number of dual-bulb motion outdoor lighting fixtures.  The flood light bulbs are protected by a metal shroud.  Want to replace one of the flood light bubs with a NuCam IR 720P.  Know I will need to rewire that light bulb socket to have power all the time (since the current bulbs only come on at night).  However, my concern is the 720P approved for outdoors? 

NuVending: The light bulb camera is not waterproof. If the metal shroud can not protect the light bulb from raining completely , you probably need to change the lighting fixtures to other models. I took some pics from home depot where you can consider to get some lighting fixtures.  If you are installing it in the house, you can use a table lamp or buy our base extender to adjust the view angle.

Question: I'm trying to use "YawCam" motion detection video recording software to monitor and tag the image change for retention.  Where can I find the URL this camera use?

Nuvending: After you connect NuCam and set up wifi router information (SSID and password) in the app "ipcamlive p2p" on your cellphone , you can search camera in your LAN and get the IP address for your camera. It looks like This ip address normally change before and after you set up wifi router information in the wifi setting of NuCam advanced setting. The URL for the YawCam is: rtsp://192.168.1.xxxx:8557/mainstream.

Question: For all your light bulb hidden camera, is there any light indicator on while recording? I do not want any light to be on while recording.  Furthermore, what is the camera (lens) pixel of the camera?

NuVending: No there is no light you can see while recording. But when the IR LED is on in the dark, you will see two small red dots when you are approaching the light bulb (in the daytime or when there is light, IR LED will be automatically off, then no light at all). Here is the reason why you'd see two IR LED: The IR LED lights used with the outdoor cameras are "centered" on the 880nm IR wavelength. You will see very bright pictures even in the pure dark with these IR LEDs . However, the IR LEDs are not a pure monochromatic emitter. You can think of it more like a bell curve, with a very sharp drop off on either side. A little bit of that drop off however ends up in the visible light spectrum. Another choice would have been to go with an IR wavelength centered on 960nm. In that case, none of the light would end up being visible to the human eye. However, due to the longer wavelength, the sensor is less sensitive to that frequency of light. So, you get a much better picture with the 880nm wavelength IR light, with the trade off that there is some smaller amount visible as red to the human eye. If you do not need to use IR night vision, we have another model NuCam 1080p. The following two pictures shows two NuCams in our wifi lights test box with light on and off in the room. The IR LEDs will turn on automatically when it gets dark. The third picture shows a night vision picture.

The camera pixels is 1.0M HD and the image sensor use 1/4" color CMOS. VIdeo resolution is 1280x720p (HD) or 640x480 VGA. It also shows on the outside of our product box.


Setup Guide

*NuCam 720p is an IP HD camera integrated into a LED light bulb which comes with night vision and WiFi module allowing you to connect to the internet and view it remotely on your phone/tablet, day and night.

*Each camera comes with its unique identification number (UID) printed on the label on the NuCam. Please write it down before installation.

*Install the NuCam to the light socket of your choice. Make sure the power is on and the camera is facing to your desired direction. Use the gooseneck extender provided or an optional Satco extender if necessary.

  1. Search and download the App "NuCam" from Apple App store or Google Play Store. Run the app and type in UID with default password 9999(see Fig.2 )Figure 2 NuCam App Setup Guide
  2. Read and close the help page. The camera with its UID will show up as “Offline” under Device List.  Click the question mark ? in the circle. (See Fig. 3)Figure 3 NuCam App Setup Guide
  3. Then as the instruction, open the WiFi setting of our phone to connect to NuCam’s WiFi first (AP mode). Click to connect it. It might take up to 2 mins for the camera’s wifi to become recognizable in the wireless section of your phone. In case you can’t find the NuCam UID in your range, keep NuCam on with power and use a pin to find and push the RESET button (a clickable button) on the camera for 15 seconds until you hear a sound "click". Wait for UID to show up. (See Fig. 4 )Figure 3 NuCam App Setup Guide
  4. Return to the app. On last page (Fig.4) click "Connect to WiFi" to connect NuCam to your home/office WiFi. Find the WiFi name (SSID) from the dropdown list andtype in its access code. Now your phone will connect to your home/office WiFi automatically and the camera will show online (see Fig.5). Figure 5 NuCam App Setup Guide
  5. Click the live view window, you will be able to Capture or Record a picture/video manually to your phone, or Listen to the audio or Flip or switch LED Light on/off (see Fig.6).Figure 6 App Controls
  6. Go to camera settings by clicking on the " " gear icon, then you will enter setting page(See Pic 7)Figure 7
  7. On the setting page, you can do Modify the login password, set up recording setting, alarm setting (make sure the microSD card is inserted in).  
  8. Click “More” at home page to turn on “Push notification” or click feedback for support (see Fig.8).Figure 8 Note:

After the app "NuCam" is installed, you can also connect to NuCam’s WiFi(UID) first (AP mode) then go to the app, waiting for the camera to show online and doing WiFi setting to connect the NuCam to your home/office WiF(SSID. STA mode).

  • Use cellphone to play back the recorded videos in the MicroSD card or download the PC software from and play the files on your PC.
  • Use Wifi Security type WPA, PSK or AES instead of low security type WEP to connect NuCam to the internet.

Technical support:

Whatsapp: 1-626-425-1083


Find videos:

In case you need a base extender to adjust the camera view angle or an E12 (or B22) to E26/E27 adapter, please find it in our Amazon store or contact us. This model does NOT come with a physical remote.

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Customer Reviews

I like the hardware but the software is a little immature
I like the hardware but the software is a little immature. It takes great pictures during the day and night and the customer service is very good. If the software was better I would give it 5 stars. Review by John Moody-Amazon
The camera is amazing. I love it.
The best thing of this camera is it's so easy to be installed. Wherever there is bulb, I can simply replace it by this camera.

Record the video or snapshot to my smart phone or to the microsd coming with the camera is another good feature. I do not need to pay $100 to $300/year to store videio in the cloud like Dropcam.

The live video is very smooth with few seconds slight delay even it's in HD mode 1080p. Review by George H-Amazon
Good Camera but Follow my Instructions!!
This camera bulb is really a great concept, and works extremely well when it comes to the basics of the camera itself. The app definitely needs some work, and is a bit hard to navigate and control. But either way, this bulb really does work well. The app that they direct you to doesn't seem to be the latest app that works with this device. You'll want to search for the app called "Fuvision" on the IOS app store. This app worked much better for me. Ill include steps below on how to set up this camera successfully.
1. Connect the bulb/camera to the light socket of your choice. Wait a minute.
2. Go onto your device and download the "Fuvision" app. Create an account on the "Fuvision" app. Login to this account
3. Connect to the wifi network of your camera. Mine was named "ET890810978". Go back to the Fuvision app and refresh the "Device List". You should see your camera. Tap on the camera and it should ask you if you want to ass the camera to your account. Confirm that you do want to add the camera to your account. It should bring you to a page where everything is filled out for you.
4. Disconnect from the camera's wifi and confirm that you want to add the camera. Wait for it to complete adding the camera. You can now disconnect from the camera's wifi and the camera should be accessible from any network.

~ The camera has a very fast connection to the device, and the video is streamed quickly. This means that if something happens, you'll see it happening in almost real time with no delay. This was surprising to me in a good way, and definitely improves the score of this camera.
~ The camera isn't too hard to set up, besides the miscommunication between the company about the app that you should use.
~ You can add up to a 32 gb micro SD card into the bulb, and you're allowed to save the videos directly onto that SD card. You can then view these videos directly on the app, or somewhere else if you remove the card.
~ The camera has a light built into it, and you can turn that light on and off using the app.
~ It comes with an extender for the socket, which allows you to make the camera come out of the socket and bend to your need.

~ The bulb isn't a real light bulb obviously, and it doesn't look like one either. It looks like a completely black bulb that doesn't light up. There's a light on it, but it's a LED that doesn't do nearly a good enough job to hide the fact that it's a camera. This can be good or bad depending on how you plan to use it and if you want people to know there's a camera.
~ The company that put this listing up didn't change the listing when a new app became available. This caused me a lot of trouble in trying to find a new app that worked for the device. I successfully did, but they should've updated the product page.

Overall I'd recommend that nobody with a device over IOS 6 uses the app that they say to use. Instead, use the app and instructions that I included in the beginning of this review. It's a good camera, but just didn't have the right app.

Please note that I received a demo product for this review, but it didn't impact my review. My review was honest and unbiased, and the seller welcomed negative or positive feedback. Review by The Review Guy-Amazon
Lots of promise, but ultimately an unintuitive setup and partial functionality for me
If you’re interested in a straightforward security camera for your home or business, the NuCam IR 720P HD Audio Security Camera promises a low effort install with no subscription. You simply screw the bulb-shaped device into any standard E26/E27 light fixture and connect over Wi-Fi to your Android, iOS, or Windows or Macintosh PC device.

The bulb itself features a 1MP camera, which translates to a maximum resolution of 1280×720, or 720p, with a viewing angle of 65 degrees. It also contains a low brightness LED (white) light (how it’s at least nominally a light bulb) rated to last 30,000 hours (or about 10 years of use) and two infrared lights, which of course allows it to have night vision.

Included in the box is the bulb camera, a white light remote control (turns the light portion on or off independent of an app), a flyer, a mini CD-ROM, and a USB 2.0 microSD card reader. The microSD card slot on the bulb supports up to a 32GB microSD card (and a minimum of 2GB), which is required (it automatically saves .hkv video files, which, unfortunately, is a somewhat obscure format), but not included, and you can also transmit and record directly to your compatible smartphone, tablet, or PC via an app.

If you go to, you can download the appropriate software for your device (or if you’re on Android or iOS, just download the BSTCAM app from Google Play or the Apple App Store). While it doesn’t make up for the lack of instructions in the box, it’s a straightforward enough process. If you still have a PC with an optical drive, the included mini CD-ROM does include instructions for both smartphones and tablets (it’s iOS-specific, but works the same on Android) and PC, although the latter is just to tell you which version of the included software to install for Windows or Macintosh, respectively. There’s also an Android .apk file in the “Smartphone manual” folder. In any case, you’re better off getting the app directly from the Website and then following the instructions in the next paragraph.

Once the bulb is screwed into your indoor or outdoor fixture (it’s not really weather proof, so if you install it outside, make sure the area is protected from the elements) of choice and you confirm it’s working (the easiest way is to see a red light or simply turn on the white light from remote), install the app. To save yourself a lot of heartache, follow the instructions in the Setup Guide on the Nuvending Website. Unfortunately, while following the instructions allowed me to easily connect to it as a local camera, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get it to work as a camera I could connect to from any non-local Internet connection. The camera always showed as offline.

While this camera has a lot of promise for a low price, setup is not intuitive and the instructions are poor. Audio-video quality is fairly low as well and I couldn’t get the app to properly save audio or video files, or use the microphone for two way communication, on my Apple iPhone 6 Plus. As such, although others, as you can see from the Amazon reviews, have had better luck with it, this is not something I’d personally be able to recommend in its present state.

Thanks to NuVending for the discounted review unit.

February 27, 2016 Update: Although I was still unable to get the security camera working, NuVending went above and beyond in trying to help me out. I have every confidence that if you purchase this item and run into any issues, you'll get fantastic customer service in trying to help resolve your problems. Review by Bill Loguidice-Amazon
This works for my garage.
I need a garage camera so I can see what's in front of my garage. This one works great. AND its a lightbulb! No power needed. It drains power as a light bulb. You can see the live feed on your phone too. Review by Fred

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