ATSC Digital TV(DTV) Converter Box w/ Flat TV Antenna and Recorder

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Have a TV in your waiting/lunch room but no signals? This kit receives free broadcast High Definition TV signals (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox etc. Find your local TV stations online: Lists of television channels in the United States or search by zipcode.). Detail program schedule can be found on titanTV. It works best in metro area. Supports 1080p HD; 1-Year Limited Warranty. 

NUNET Digital TV Converter Box will convert digital signals to your existing TV with HDMI/Composite connection. And it has the capability to pull certain unencrypted digital cable channels (also known as "in-the-clear" channels), watch them on your television without using any additional set-top box for which you'd have to pay a monthly subscription or with internet. With the NUNET ATSC Digital TV Converter Box, you finally won't have to replace your analog television to take advantage of its many benefits!

Enjoy lots of funny features!

LCD Screen: With the bright LCD Screen you will always know what channel you are on and what time it is.

Favorite Channel: Create your own custom channel list for easier browsing.

Parental Control: Keep children from watching inappropriate shows with the Parental Control feature.

Auto Signal Tuning: The digital converter box auto tunes each channel so you can receive the best possible picture.

Analog Pass-through Channel 3/4: You can choose to have your shows broadcasted on channel 3/4.

DVR and Multimedia Function: Record your favorite TV show, playback movies, view pictures, and listen to your favorite music via a USB external storage device (not included).
All the above and other features such as Parental Control, Electronic Programming Guide for 7 Day in advance, Signal Quality Indicator, Closed Captioning are there in a fully functional remote control.

Super easy to set up. The HD antenna allows you to watch up to 161 channels including HD and international language programs (including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish etc language)

Nuvending is US local company in California. All of our products come with standard ONE-YEAR warranty with technical support by phone, email or online chat.

Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of Nunet products come with standard One Year Warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.


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  • Can I use a Y connector to connect both the antennae amplifier and a USB memory stick into the USB port on the front of the HD ATSC Receiver box?

    It sounds like a genius idea. But we do not have a Y connector to try. If you have chance to try, could you please let us know the result?

  • boot on the screen won't do anything else

    Hi, if you're seeing "boot" on your ATSC Box, that means your box has no channels yet. If you're unable to see the Video from your ATSC box to perform the Auto-Search for channels. Please make sure that the HDMI port on your TV you're using isn't a HDMI-DVI port; which is for computers. 

    We suggest double checking your connections from the ATSC box and your Television. If you continue to experience "boot" on your TV Box, please send us an email to

  • Having issues recording a TV show. I put a 32gb USB drive, I make sure is Fat32, I schedule the show, waited until the scheduled time arrives, then I get a message on screen: Unknown error, leaving. So it never gets the show to be recorded. Any reason why this is happening?

    We tested it with a 32gb microSD card and had no issue to record or schedule recording. We could not repeat your situation but I did make some research online and found it happens to some other brands a lot. This is the first time it happened to us. Could you please send us your order ID, so we can send you a replacement? I am sorry for the inconvenience.
    Thanks for getting us an opportunity to correct the issue and improve our product quality.

  • Is there 5.1 audio support through the HDMI output?

    Yes it is supported. That is one of main differences between our TV box with other cheap brands. Our TV box supports Dolby system.

  • When selecting a program in the EPG that I want to record, it does not prefill the time to record. Is there a way to get it prefilled instead of entering the time manually?

    At this moment you have to manually enter the time and change to record mode to set up recording.

  • I am unable to schedule two different recordings on the same day even if they are not at the same time. How can I achieve this?

    As you can see from this picture, you need to keep adding recording events and make sure you chose recording mode in each. Two different recordings can not be overlapped.

  • Is the USB 2.0 or 3.0?

    It is USB 2.0, but it is fully compatible with USB 3.0 devices. USB 2.0 is fast enough to record and read HD content. It will definately benefit if you use a usb 3.0 device.

  • picture is too dark. how to adjust

    I believe you need to adjust your TV picture setting. I googled online. It shows the following options for SONY TV (other TVs should be similar):
    No color/Dark picture/color is not correct/Picture is too bright Press the OPTIONS button, then select [Picture Adjustments] to make adjustments. Select [Reset] in [Picture Adjustments]. If you set [Power Saving] to [Low] or [High], the black level will be enhanced. Dark screen. How to brighten the screen. Adjust [Backlight] or [Picture] in [Picture Adjustments]. Check the [Power Saving] option setting. If it is [Low] or [High], the screen darkens. Set [Power Saving] to [Off] to brighten the screen.

  • Does it work with the internet or is it not necessary ???

    For this model, it does not require internet connection. It uses the flat antenna to get over-the-air TV signals. We will have another model which will come with android system to watch movies on internet. Are you interested in that one?

  • What are USB device requirements and which are supported?

    The optional USB external storage device can be USB flash drive (format: Fat32), 3.5"(forat: NTFS), 2.5" or 1.5"(NTFS or FAT32) USB hard drive. If you use USB flash drive or microSD with USB adapter, then it supports up to 32GB, but for USB external hard drive, it has no limit.

  • What do the other connectors on the back of the unit do? The TV sound is low. Adjusting the TV's sound and the converter's sound still does not increase the sound very much. Is there a way to increase the sound level?

    Using the ATSC remote controller, press the volume button until the ATSC box reaches max volume. Then use your TV’s remote to adjust the sound on your Television.

    The ATSC DTV Converter box has several different video/Audio port options available. Looking at the back of the ATSC unit Starting from right to left, below are the connections and what they do. 1. Ant In is for using an Antenna to pick up local channels. 2. Ant RF (Radio Frequency) Out. This is used for Analog Channels CH3/CH4 3. Coaxial Digital Audio Output. Both audio channels, left and right are combined into one cable. Any RCA cable can be used for this option. Home Stereo/theatre system often have an option to use this for Digital home Audio. 4. HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface. 1080p Video and higher. 5. Lower Coaxial Digital: Yellow (CVBS: Composite Video), Red (AR: Audio Right), White (AL: Audio Left), 6. Upper Coaxial Digital: Green ( Y ),  Blue (Pb), Red (Pr) High Definition Composite. Using this option will require the use of the Lower Coaxial Digital inputs for Audio Left (White) and Audio Right (Red), or the use of option number 3, the red Coaxial input. Also, the volume may vary due to the signal from your local channel networks. Different channels will vary in volume given their location. 

  • Je veux savoir si les canal sont en Français anglais

    Which state and city are you in? You can search online to find your local TV stations to see whether this is any channel in French: Please keep us updated with your feedback. We will send you a bonus of our Nucharger QC31 international travel charger.

  • I have two new units. On both units, when I make a timed recording it does not show up on the PVR list to watch, like the real time recordings do. How do I view a timed recording?

    If you are trying to setup the schedule recording from the EPG list, the ones you have selected will not show under the PVR list.  The EPG list is used to view the programs.  To setup the schedule recording, you will need to press OK from the EPG list to enter the scheduling setup.  Then, manually input the channel, date, time, ... etc. you want to record.  And, most important option is the MODE selection.  Make sure to select RECORD, not VIEW.  Please let me know if you still have problem.

  • I just bought ATSC TV Box and set it up. When I connect my new Western Digital Elements 2T USB 3.0 hard drive to the box, It doesn't see the drive. The drive works OK with my computer. It is formatted in NTFS format. The drive is supposed to be backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

    Unforatuately our TV box supports a USB2.0 hard drive with a capcity at 1.5T and flash drive at 32GB (or 64GB at FAT32) maximumly. Thanks!


    Yes, the TV box has to be on to record TV shows on schedule (make sure the mode of "record" instead of "view" is chosen). But you can turn off your TV.

  • I cannot get the TV Box to turn on? Everything is plugged into a working outlet and the red light is on, on the antenna. If I manually try to press the round black button on the front of the TV Box nothing happens. Also on the remote included, when I press the red TV Box button nothing turns on. Is the box not functioning, should I return it?

    Hi Donna,
    I am sorry to hear that. Did you use the right input source on your TV to see the channels from the TV box? 
    Best regards

  • When I was setting up my unit for the first time, it would start to boot up and then show error code C002. I know that everything is hooked up properly, and after investigating I cannot seem ti find any support to tell me what this error means. Your help please.

    C002 is the channel number. It is not the error code. You can use the CH+ or CH- button to change the channel number. You can also check this video for more information:

  • My tv does not have a coaxial hook up, I don’t signal. When I did the channel search it populated a bunch but none show

    You can also use HDMI or AV cable to connect the TV box to your TV. And the antenna should connect to ANT IN at the back of the TV box. Please let me know whether it works. If not, please send us some pictures on your TV screen for the problem and give us your order ID. Thanks!

  • hi, I have 2 questions : 1. subtitle support? 2. HDMI cable included. thanks for your time. john

    Hi John, yes for both. There is a "CC" button on the remote to turn on/off the closed caption. Also HDMI and AV cables are included in the package. Here is the package content:

  • Hi, i just bought your box and record a program for the first time yesterday. When i want to look this recording, it always skip. I have a usb3 flash drive of 32 g datatraveler g4 format fat32

    Hi Marc,
    I am sorry to hear that. Does your usb3 flash drive support USB 2.0? Our TV box only works with USB 2.0. Please try with a hard drive or USB memory card. Then let me know how it works. Thanks

  • est ce que cette antenne peut capter les signeaux dans la ville de victoriaville p.q

    Yes out NUNET TV Box works in Canada, USA and Mexico. You can search the TV stations available in your area in this website: Thanks

  • I am confused about the meaning of "daily" and "weekly" repeat selections. Does "daily" mean everyday at the selected time? Does the "weekly" mean Mon-Fri at the selected time? Or does "weekly" mean each week at the selected time on the same day of the week as the initial date?

    Hi Marv, "weekly" means the same day of the week as the initial date at the selected time since some programs only broadcast weekly. 

  • Can this receive analoge signals via coaxial input as well as digital signals

    There is only one input port in the back of the TV box that is antenna in, which is used to receive digital TV signals. It can not be used to receive coaxial cable TV signal. 

  • Do You have a website where I can download the user manual? The manual that came with my box the print is so tiny I can't read it.

    Hi we have updated our ATSC TV box manual for our upgraded version. In our upgraded version, the TV box remote comes with a few learning buttons to control TV too. All of the other functions are the same as our old version. Could you please send an email to us at So we can send you our new user manual at bigger fonts. 

  • Can I get another remote. It would be convenient to have another remote so my better half can change the channels without us passing the remote around. Thank you

    Yes, you can send a request with your order ID to for a free 2019 upgraded NUNET TV box remote. The new remote comes with new button design plus a few TV remote learning button. The upated TV box user manual is included too. Amazon review will be greatly appreciated. Or you can also buy it from our website. More information can be found in our product page:

  • I just finished setting up the box and the picture is crystal clear--but it's black and white!!! I know the color works on the monitor because my laptop is connected and the color is fine. What do I do? Thanks.

    Hi Gabriel, I am sorry for the inconvenience. it is the first time to hear about this issue. Some of the channels might be black and white. Did you check the other channels available and see whether all of the channels have the same issue or only a few channels have this issue? If you still find it defective, then you can send me your order ID and we will send you a replacement. Thanks!

  • the manual tells me to push keys on remote (hold) key the (timer) key (recall) key but I do not see them anywhere. I never get the drop down box to show to select any of the options in program edit like favorite type disable movie news sports music It just jumps to the all tv list on what ever channel I am on and no key on the remote will do any thing even the numbers keys like at the bottom of screen, and the unit has (boot) on the units screen the main problem is I can not time record and that is the only use I have for this unit

    Hi Michael, Could you please reply to this email or send us email with your email address to so we can send you the updated user manual? Thanks!   -Roy

  • Do you have a list of compatible USB device? I have bought a 32GB USB key and it doesn't work. The recorder keep displaying "USB device is inserted", "USB device is removed", "USB device is inserted", "USB device is removed"... My old 4GB USB key works but has no recording capacity.

    Hi It sounds like a connection issue with your USB key. Did you try to insert your USB key to your computer to see whether it is readable? If so, please try to format it under FAT32 then try on our TV box again.

  • Is there a software update? Where or how do we get the latest update for this unit?

    Hi Dave, As far as I know at this moment, we do not have software update available. But we will have an upgraded model with enhanced TV box remote available soon. Could I know what issue you have right now? 

  • I bought a HD air antenna and When connected to tv I can get 43 channels. When I disconnect it from tv and connect to your HD ATSC reciever box it won’t pick up any channels. Any idea whats going on?

    Hi Thanks for your purchase and giving us chance to figure out the issue. Can I know how you connect the TV box to your TV? If you can take some pictures for the back and the front of the TV box after it is powered on, that will help too. Also make sure you have chosen the right input on your TV. Please let me know.

  • I have no audio. Does the HDMI cable not have audio? Please explain, as nothing on your website or the manual has any information.

    Hi Paul, 
    The HDMI cable has audio. You can try to hook up your TV with the antenna directly without TV box to see whether you can hear anything from the same channel. Please also check your TV remote to see whether the mute button is pressed accidentally. If you press the volumn button on the TV box remote, will you be able to see volumn bar coming out? You can also try the RCA(AV) cable. Please let me know the result. 

  • When a scheduled program is recording, I can't change stations to watch something else. A big record grey box shows up and record timer is in top left corner of screen.

    Yes since the tuner can only work at a specific frequency for one channel at a time, you can not change to watch other stations. I recommend to get an extra antenna so you can change the input to ANT IN in your TV by using your TV remote so that you can watch other resource while the TV converter box does the recording by itself. If you need a FREE extra antenna, please shoot us an email. But first you need to make sure your TV comes with a coaxial input for antenna connection.

  • Does this do Component Video and Digital audio out? Will it do that at the same time it does HDMI out?

    Yes, it does have components(red, yellow, white) AV output and include an AV cable inside. You can do that at the same time when it does HDMI out.

  • I received my unit from Amazon two days ago and the 8"x10" paper instructions included with it has a "Q: How do I get weekly recording?" and in the answer it states that "you can press the BLUE key at the bottom right corner of the remote to go into schedule mode" The blue key on my remote does nothing! My SW Ver: is 20170904V5.0 and HW Ver: is 78021237836650, do I have a bad remote or is there a SW update that will correct the issue? Otherwise the unit seems to work fine. Thank you.

    Thanks for your purchase. Did you check the videos shown in our product page?, please remember to change the mode to record (not view) and repeat to weekly as shown in this picture If the remote does not get you there, please let me know. We can replace the remote for you.

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