NuCam AW 1080P 60P Full HD WIFI Dash Cam and Autosports Camera

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We upgraded our NuCam AW's chipset from A7LA55 to A7LS75 ( Ambarella Chipset) December, 2016. The new sports/action level chipset changes the 1296P 30fps option to 1080P 60fps (frames per-second).

The 1080p resolution is better matched to the A7LS75 chipset for a better overall camera performance and video quality.  The higher FPS insures clear video quality, especially if you're trying to record fine details such as licenses plate numbers or sporting events. Click over to tab 3 (testimonies) to see how the video quality fares in different environments. 

If your camera is experiencing recording issues, your NuCam AW model may need an updated Firmware to match the updated chipset. If you need help with your installation, please send us an email and we will schedule a good time to walk you through the steps over the phone. 

If you're tech savvy and would like to do this yourself, below you will find the instructions on how to update your NuCam AW's firmware. 

Here is the Dropbox link for the file you need to upgrade the firmware: Firmware Files

  1. Format your MicroSD card so that it's empty.
  2. Click the Dropbox link above. Next, click into file folder name (20161228a_NuCam_a7ls75), two times. Copy file (e790.bin) into your empty MicroSD Card. Click into file folder name (MISC). Copy file (wifi.conf) to the same microSD card.
  3. Insert the microSD card into your NuCam AW and power on the camera with a USB POWER ADAPTER(Do not use your personal computer or laptop because the USB port does not push enough volts to sufficiently power the NuCam AW). You'll see two LED indicators on the camera. The recording LED indicator will flash rapidly between blue and red. Wait about 30 seconds until both LED indicators turns off.
  4. Remove the microSD card and Format it again with your desktop or laptop to completely clear the card. 
  5. Insert the formatted microSD card into camera and now it's ready to use. 


  1. After the firmware is updated, you will not see 1296P as an option when you change the resolution settings through the LinkinEyes App.  
  2. The new Resolution is 1920x1080 60P 16:9. You need to stop recording to see the options and to change settings. Please remember to press the recording button after you change your recording.
  3. If the camera keeps beeping, please format the microSD card with FAT32 64kb allocation size and change video loop recording to 2 or 5 mins instead of 1 min. 

NuCam AW Specifications:

  • 1920x1080 (60P), HDR 1920x1080(30P), 1280x720 (60P)
  • Chipset: DSP: Ambarella A7 and CMOS sensor: OmniVision's 4689 sensor (up to 5M still photo) 
  • Wide View angle: 160°, 360° adjustable rotation for in car monitoring or trip recording 
  • HD Photograph: 13M(4800x2700 16:9), 9M(4000x2250 16:9) or 4M(2688x1512 16:9) 
  • Digital Zoom: x8 
  • Super Night Vision (Make sure your car window is anti-glare. Check testimonies) 
  • Microphone and Speaker: Built-in 
  • GPS tracking device(optional. Please check Accessories section) 
  • 24H parking monitor (need to have car battery on or work with regular 5V USB port power bank.) 
  • MicroSD card Recording: Supported up to 32gb (1, Kingston Class 10 32gb MicroSD included). 
  • Power consumption: 450 mAh per hour. 

NuCam AW Package Includes:

  • 1 x NuCam AW
  • 1 x Windshield Suction Cup
  • 1 x Power port charging cable
  • 1 x USB Power Cable
  • 2 x 3M Adhesive mounting base for the NuCam AW (If you want to position your NuCam AW without using the Windshield Mount)
  • 1 x User Manual

Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of Nunet products come with standard one year's warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.

Q: What is the difference of NuCam AW with others in the market?
A: When you consider to get a dash cam, consider the following specifications:
1)Chipset: Many dash cams claim to be 1080p one. To get real 1080p video, you need to get right DSP and CMOS sensor. OmniVision's 4689 can get up to 5M still pictures. Ambarella A7LS75 comes with 1920x1080P 60fps and has been used in action camera GoPro Hero3+ Silver, Ion Air Pro 3 and Drift Innovation Ghost-S. However those cameras all are price $300 or more.
2)Wifi capability: Most dash cams only have a small screen. If you want to check the detail, you have to go back home to use a PC (most of them do not support Mac.) to play it back. Wifi dash cam allows you to use your cellphone's big screen to set it up, take photos or videos, view files or download/share it to social media right away.
3) View Angel.
4) Night Vision.


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  • Under the NewCam AW specifications listed on your website it lists "MicroSD card Recording: Supported up to 32gb (1 Kingston Class 10 32gb MicroSD included) but in my Operation Manual it lists TF(MicroSd) card up to 64gb, class 6 or above. Can you confirm if this is a typo on your website? I just don't want to spend the money on a 64gb card if it is not going to work. Thanks.

    Hi I am sorry for the typo in our manual. Our website information is the most updated. So 32gb is the correct answer. It supports up to 32gb (included) microSD card.

  • How do I change the settings? When I open settings in my iPhone everything is greyed out like loop time, etc.

    You have to stop recording first before you go to change the settings. Please try again. But remember to press recording again to resume recording after you finish the change of setting. We will update our app to remind our customers if they press the setting buttom when recording.

  • the camera shuts down and restarts every so often. sometimes 3-5 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. seems to be no pattern to it. checked wiring many times for loose connection, didn't find any. no rough road conditions. just got the camera on July 2nd. suggestions???

    Hi, there are a few things to check for.  First, check to see that your MicroSD card isn't full, and your card is formatted to FAT32 with 64kb File Allocation.

    Second, change your camera's loop recording to 3 or 5 minutes. We're still developing our Firmware. Please also make sure that you have our most recent Firmware for your camera. The files are available through our DropBox links located on the NuCam AW product page. The Firmware installation instructions also are provided on the NuCam AW's product page. 

    Thirdly, double check your Mini USB connector and camera plug. If you believe your camera is defective, please send us an email detailing the issues you're experiencing with your order number. We want to inspect your camera. Once your camera is received through our warehouse facility, you will be prioirty shipped a replacement camera.

  • I have this cam. Nu cam AW wifi. 1296p. The audio has a constant clicking noise which is quite annoying. The clicking will go away momentarily but always comes back. Could my cam be defective? The clicking is there on 12v auto plug. Only way for me to power it up. Please advise. Thank You Jon Busch

    I am sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you got our NuCam AW with old firmware. The new firmware should come with sports/action level chipset with 1080P 60fps. You should not be able to see 1296P in its video resolution option. If so, please do the following steps:
    1: Update the firmware as our instruction in our product page.
    2: Please format the microSD card with FAT32 64kb allocation size and change video loop recording to 2 or 5 mins instead of 1 min.

    After you have done the above steps, please try again to see whether it works. Or you can also send us an email with your order information. Then we can send you RMA label so we can inspect the item and send you a replacement one.

    Please let us know if any other question.

  • Hi, I have bought the camera before and now I need mounting kits only do you guys selling one? Thanks

    Yes you can buy from this listing but please put a note that it is for NuCam AW. Then we will send one for NuCam AW instead of NuCam DL. Thanks

  • Does date/time has to be set manually or will it be automatically set depending on selected timezone and gps data?

    You can sync the time with your phone first in time setting of the app.

  • Is it possible to get another 12v car cord so it is easier to use the camera in 2 cars

    Hi I am sorry to get back to you late. Could you please tell me your order ID? Sure we can send you another cord.

  • Wi-Fi will work with a Smartphone using a Windows 10 operating system ?? Otherwise what other options are to use the wi-fi to control the camera . Thanks

    I am sorry that we do not have an app for you to download to a Windows 10 smart phone. Do you have any iPhone or Android phone to download the app "Linkineyes"?

  • Can the wifi password be changed from the default password?

    Hi Jay, the password can not be changed. But you have to bring your phone close to the camera to connect to it. The camera WiFi just provides hotspot for you to connect to it, not for connection to your router for remote view. 

  • Does this camera have the G force sensor?

    Yes it has G force sensor. So when accidents happen, the video will be recorded to "event" folder which will not be overwritten. You can search a bunch of video reviews in Youtube by searching NuCam AW. 

  • 2 x 3M Adhesive mounting base for the NuCam AW.. Adhesive separated from windshield and base of my Nucam 1296P dash camera. How do I get replacement mounting base?

    Hi Tom,
    I am sorry to hear that. Could you please give us your order ID and send us a couple pictures to show the issue? I am assuming you need some extra adhesive mounting bases. Right?

  • The date stamp on my nucam 1296P is not correct, how do i change it? Thanks

    Hi Alicia,
    You can stop the recording first (press the red recording button in the center) then go to the setting page. Find time setting then press OK. Now the camera time will sync with your phone time setting. If more question, please let us know.

  • what is the password for the wifi?

    Hi the password for the wifi of NuCam AW is 1234567890. You can also search some Youtube videos to see how it works. Hope you like our product. If you can leave a product review and seller feedback for us, we will appreciate it. Thanks!

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