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Nuboom Solar Bluetooth Speaker uses wireless bluetooth 4.0 speaker that blasts loud, insanely great 2 by 5W stereo sound with rich bass. It is capable to show battery level aside of its bluetooth icon on your phone. With solar charging for 10 mins, Nuboom solar charging bluetooth speaker can work for half an hour for emergency.

Support solar charging to regain power
It is more convenient to regain more power using solar charging when you participate in an outdoor activity like running, trekking, hiking, sports, etc. in the sun.
55+ HOURS playtime on a full charge with 4400mAh battery
Built-in 4400mAh smart battery management system, supports USB charging to other device, working hours increased to 55+ HOURS on a full charge.
3D Stereo Sound
Advanced APT-X chip HD lossless / hifi audio decoding technology can offer surprisingly original sound and powerful volume.
Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your cell phones, amazon new echo dot, iphone,iPad, iPod, HTC,Samsung,tablets from up to 32 feet away. It will also show battery level of Nuboom solar aside of its bluetooth icon on your phone.
Ergonomic Design
Environmentally friendly silicone wrapped coat
NuBoom Box Content:
1 x Nuboom bluetooth speaker
1 x User Manual
1 x USB charging cable
1 x 3.5 mm audio cable
1 x Velcro Strap
1 x Carabiner Hook


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  • Where is the warranty information?

    Hi Jeff,
    All of our products come with one year hassle free warranty. So if you can give us your purchase receipt and the issue happened in one year, then we will cover that issue. 

  • Is the internal battery replaceable or is the speaker a throw-away item after “X” number of charges?

    If the internal battery goes to dead, we will replace it for you. The battery has the lifespan of 500 times of FULL recharge cycles.

  • I lost the paper work for this speaker and would like to know how to pair it to my phone.

    Hi Rick, are you talking about the Nuboom trolley speaker with 2 micphone? After you get it in Bluetooth mood then find NUBOOM in your bluetooth setting of your phone and connect to it. That will make it connected to your phone. If any more question, please let us know. Roy

  • Can you charge your phone from the speaker?

    We only recommend to charge your phone from the speaker at emergency since it is not designed as a power bank. If there is any issue with the charging function, please let us know. We will send you a seperate power bank.

  • Can I play music from a thumb drive on it?

    Hi Bridget, I am sorry that the USB port is for external charging. We will have a loud speaker available which will support music playing from a USB drive.

  • I lost the owners manual. How do I stop the 3 beeps and red charge light? Is there a reset? Please email an owners manual pdf to me. I’ve had the speakers for a year now and love it.

    Hi Jie, 
    Could you please give us your email so we can send you the manual? The 3 beeps means you have to charge the device. Please fully charge it and see whether it improves. Thanks!

  • How much time does it take to full charge the battery?

    Hi Normally it takes long time (a couple of days) for small solar panel to full charge a big battery such as 4400mAh in our Nuboom. It also depends on the weather condition and hours of direct sunlight. The solar panel in our Nuboom is 1.1W. But if you use bigger solar panel such as a 10W(5V/2A) solar panel then it will charge it fast like a regular 2A USB charger. So we recommend to use a USB charger to full charge our Nuboom (3-4 hours charging time for 2A USB charger) before you take it out for long time of use and use solar charging for emergency use. 

  • I don't see a State of Charge indicator on the speaker. How can if the battery is fully charged?

    Hi Nathan, you can check the battery capacity on your phone. On the side of the bluetooth you should be able to see a bar showing battery full or not.

  • Does it have a passive radiator or active subwoofer in the back? I really want to buy this product but I question the sound quality.Not enough tests online on video with different types on music to prove that it has really good sound compared to an Oontz Angle or a Tribit XSound Go.

    Hi Yes, there is an active subwoofer in the back of Nuboom. This is our Nuboom bass and stereo sound test recording: There are some other videos in our website page too.

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