Nucam 380 LED Light Bulb APP Controlled Hidden Cam with 2K 360° View

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WiFi Connection, Newest H.265 Technology, Motion Detection based Recording and Night Vision

✅360° Panoramic Viewing, No blind Angle
✅2K HD High Resolution for the Every Detail 
✅3D View and Support 7 VR Modes to Watch the Video
✅Clear Night Vision based on Infrared Light and 2K HD
✅Real Plug & Play, View the Camera Even in 1 Minute
✅Remote Control and Live View with APP
✅Alert to APP when any motion is detected

  • 360° PANORAMIC VIEW & 2K FULL HD: 360° camera vision and 180° adjusting extender, it helps you monitor every corner of the space. 2K HD is enough for any requirement you need
  • MOTION DETECTION&ALERT: When motion detected, it will send alert message with picture capture and video footage to your APP. Without extra fee, videos can be saved into up to 32Gb microSD card (formatted at FAT32) encrypted so the videos can only be played in your account
  • NIGHT VISION: Night vision is important to a spy camera which need to be worked 24/7. Infrared Light is the reason why we can do that, but 2K HD is reason why we can do that clearly
  • H.265 TECHNOLOGY: Our new technology H.265 will only take you 1/4 storage compare to H.264. You have no need to buy high volume SD card anymore.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Remote controlled by Android & iOS under 2.4G wireless Wi-Fi. It is perfect for Vacation Home Monitoring, Baby&Senior Caring etc. (NOTE: 5G network is not supported). Any issues please contact us. Our local technical staff will help you to solve.

  •  Please Keep in Mind
    💛 One Year Warranty Free & Lifetime Technical Support Guarantee
    💛 Micro SD card NOT included in the package.
    💛 Works with Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz frequency channel, not support 5GHz.
    💛 Suggestion for Class-10 TF Card(32/64GB) at best work performance.

    ✅ First, download the APP named "V380" from App store or Google Play
    ✅ Switch on the power of the camera, and open your phone find the hotspot named " MV+number"(no password)
    ✅According to your need to choose “Hot Spot Mode” or “Router Mode”.The local only can work in AP mode, if you need use in router mode(when you outdoor, still can use 4G or other wifi to monitoring)
    ✅ Hot Spot Mode: Enter the V380, option in the top right corner of the" + " - Add networked device - LAN Search - Add device
    ✅ Router Mode: The APP--Device list – Setting - Networking settings - Select Station Mode - input Wifi password - Wifi connecting. 
    ✅ Watch the live video(More see the user guide or contact us)



    NuCam 720p Package Includes:
    • 1 x Nucam 380
    • 1 x Camera Base
    • 2 x Screws
    • 1 x Resetting Pin
    • 1 x User Manual

    Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of Nunet products come with standard One Year Warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.



    NuCam App Installation video Created by NuVending


    Ask a Question
    • What is the operating temperature of all the features? Will it work in very cold weather?

      It works between -20~70°C. We have seen customers installing it in frong or back yard and watching the snow without problem. 

    • im connected to the nucam on my phone but in the app it tells me "please connect to the camera's wifi first"

      Dear customer, I encourage you to check our instructional video first: You can watch it from 3:50. Basically after you connect to the camera wifi "NUxxxxx", you need to wait one or two mins then refresh your device list in the NUCAM app, it will show as online then you press the setting icon to connect it to your home wifi. In your video, you click the ? question mark. It is an explanation page actually which tell you what to do next. If you have done that step, you can just skip then go to setup the wireless connection of the camera to your home wifi. Please let me know if you have more question. Here I want also to introduce our new model of light bulb camera: NuCam 360 to you: Please let me know if you are interested in. We can give you a free 32GB microSD card with your order to try it out.

    • trying to use camera on driveway but to far away from router. Any sugestions

      For your situation, we strongly recommend to use our water resistant wireless camera NuCam WR. Compared to our light bulb camera which is for indoor use, our NuCam WR has the following benefits: 1. It is water resistant with its antenna. It supports WiFi signal range up to 150ft as this video shows. 2. It has a 3000mAh built-in rechargeable battery, allowing to work around 7 hours after charging even if someone cut the power line or take the camera off. This is a situation which happened to one of our customers per his review. 3. It also comes with 16gb microSD card and 720p HD video resolution which other similar products do not have. As for the power line, you can use our E27 light socket to 110V wall plug adapter and a USB adapter to power on the camera all the time. And also it is a portable camera you can use in your trailer, truck, boat, campsite, back yard, driveway etc.  

    • Is there a limit on what type of socket this can used in? Newer fixtures tend to have a maximum wattage rating ( 'do not use over 60W bulbs' ) but I am not sure what the output equivalent is for this camera. Thank you

      It can work on any E26 or E27 standard medium light socket. The camera with its LED and infrared lights only consume 4-8W energy. So it definitely will not be over 60W. So I believe your newer fixture will fit its application.

    • Box to the camera was thrown away and un-retrievable before set up was done, how do I get wifi to work without the UID

      Hi, there are a few ways to know the network name of your camera. First, you can turn on the camera by twisting it into a standard E27/E26 light socket. Make sure the power is on for that socket and grab your cellphone. From here, you can goto your cellphone settings, select WiFi networks, and look for a network name that starts with NU7208*****, or ET89*******. 

      If your camera is paired with a network and you no longer know the cameras UID. You can use the provide Pin, or an unfolded paper clip to push the reset button on the camera. Make sure the power is on the camera, push the reset button for 15 seconds. Then check your cellphones WiFi networks for your cameras UID; network names that starts with NU7208*****, or ET89*******. Actually, every camera comes with a sticker that's present on the alumnim heatsink.

    • Can I access the video stream via web browser on the same network

      Hi Johnny,
      Yes, you can access to the video stream via web brower by copying and pasting the IP address to your web brower. The IP address can be found in system setting in the app. You might need to download and install ActiveX on your PC first.

    • IS it possible to turn the little red lights off ? Thanks

      For this version of NuCam 720p, the two night vision red lights will be automatically on at night. Our new model of NuCam 360 have improved in the hidden capability of the night vision red light. You can also set the LED white night to be on automatically at night or you can also use our NuCam 1080p which does not come with night vision red lights.

    • I'm looking for ANY way to retrieve the recorded video off the cameras with android, mac, or iphone. Using the nucam application, clicking on video results in a never-ending spinning circle. Using a browser on a mac, going to the web interface of the camera doesn't work. If I could get a copy of a bash script that would do this, that would be okay too. I've setup a ftp server on my LAN and setup the cameras to push files to it, but they never even try to login to the FTP server. Please help.

      Hi Thanks for your purchase. You should be able to play back the videos when you are in the same network with the camera (LAN). What is the file extension for those recording files shown on your computer? mov or hkv? Our new version of NuCam should support mov recording then you can play the videos in PC or Mac (not be able to play back the videos out of LAN network). Our old version of NuCam uses hkv file extension, then it needs to work with the app. You can download the software in our website to your PC: and then play back in your computer with VLC player.

    • In order to disguise the camera, I need to have the light work independently through a regular light switch, so that occupants of the apartment believe it is simply a light. Is this possible or, if not, do you have a product for which this is possible?

      For your situation, it seems you want to use this light bulb camera in an apartment with a few other occupants. You can try to change the light switch with caution or get a professional to do that. First you can make the wire connected so that the camera will have power all the time. Then you can put a LED switch in that position. The LED switch will not bright enough but at least it allows your occupants to use some light if needed. Otherwise I suggest to use a table lamp or our NuCam WR as the surveillance camera.

    • Does the camera work with DVR systems such as ISpy? Does it support a URL that the DVR system can access?

      Hi Adam, yes you can use the IP address of the camera to get access to the camera and make recording to a DVR system. Just type the camera's IP address in IE and use admin as the username/password (make sure ActiveX is installed on your PC). Then you should be able to see the camera. You can also download the PC software from But we have never used ISpy before.

    • The NuCam is all setup (online) but I'm unable to download the playback videos due to message: Work in LAN only! When connected to my LAN network @ home I can see the videos are available for download but after download was successful, I see 0 byte video files under "album" However when I record/capture from the APP where WAN or LAN, I'm able to see the videos and still images under album. In conclusion, I'm not able to download the videos that is stored in the SD card (64GB).

      Hi Umesh, I am not sure whether your question gets answered. Our camera does not support 64gb microSD card. Please try to use a 32gb microSD card and make sure the recording is complete then begin to download it. Please let me know whether it works.

    • Does my light switch need to be "on" for the bulb cam to work?

      Yes, you have to keep the light switch on so the camera can get power to keep working. But you can use the app to turn on/off the LED light on the light bulb camera remotely. 

    • This is at night. After i turn the light off i see the object in color it is focused on. After a few seconds the object no longer appears on the screen even if it is moving. The night vision does not seem to work

      Hi Richard,
      Thanks for your purchase. After you turn off the light, you might still see the objecct in color before the night vision comes out. At night vision, you will only see grey and white pictures and the night vision only works between 0-8m. Is the object too far from the camera so it is hard to see it under night vision? Could you please send us a couple of screenshot so we can see how it looks like?

      We will introduce a new model of light bulb camera pretty soon: NuCam 360 with panoramic view, LED (automatically on when dark or manually on with app), night vision and picture alert if alarm is on. You can download the free app: 360eye S. Account #: 18928406165, Password: wangchunji. When the alarm is on, you should be able to get videos in the message at the bottom of the app.
      Now we are trying to collect your feedback and input when you compare these two. The new one only has continuous recording mode. But since we can get short video for alarm message, that is not a big deal. It supports two way audio. And the noise in recording is better than our current NuCam 720p.
      Please let me know if you want to try the new model too.

    • How to setup the option to over-write files? Can I delete files from the sd card remotely and how?

      1. The option to setup file Overwrite is located in submenu, Recording Settings.
      First, open your NuCam App on your cellphone or tablet. Then tap the Cogwheel located under the “Online” symbol to enter the 720p Light Bulb camera’s settings.  Second, tap Recording Settings. Then tap “record mode” and select “Continuous Record". Other options in this menu are, Turn off, Continuous record, Motion Detection record, and Alarm Record. 2. You can delete your video files remotely though your playback menu. Open your NuCam App on your cellphone or tablet. The playback option is located to the right of the Cogwheel underneath the title of your camera. Tap the Playback symbol and you will see the list of videos you can either view or delete. To delete a video, place the tip of your finger on the video you want to delete. Slide your finger to the left and the video title will reveal the option to delete on the right. 

    • Trying to link two camera. When I get one online the other camera goes off line. Help

      Hi If you want to get all cameras online, you have to follow the instruction and set up the wireless connection to your home/office wifi for all of the cameras (WTA mode). That is, when you connect to the wifi of camera A(AP mode), you need to go to the setting in the app and find SSID of your router and put in its password. You just need to wait about 2 mins for rebooting. Then you do the same with the other camera B and so on, ie, go to connect the WiFi of camera B, wait 1 min then go to the app, press "+" to add camera B and set up wireless connection to your home/office WiFi in the setting. You can add up to 10 cameras.

    • Can the LED light be set to come on upon motion detection? thanks.

      The LED light has to be turned on from the app manually. We will have a new version of NuCam coming out soon which will come with solar panel, LED sensor light and camera.

    • The link doesn't work. Where do I get the software to support this on a laptop for livestream? should be online now. From there you can download the software for PC or Mac software to watch live stream on your computer. 

    • Can I watch the live stream from a laptop?

      Yes, you can watch the live stream from a laptop. You can download the PC/Mac software from and type in the camera ID and default password to watch the camera. Here is a demo camera ID you can put in: NU720819132, password: 9999. If you choose the one with microSD card, then you can save video recordings to the card then watch it in LAN.

    • Is this indoor/outdoor?

      This is primary for indoor use. If you want to use it outdoor, please make sure it is protected from raining by shroud or under eave. You can also consider to use our NuCam WR. The advantages of NuCam WR feature water resistant, 3000mAh builit-in battery and antenna. Built-in battery will allow the camera to keep working around 7 hours. So if someone cut off your external power supply, it will still keep recording. The included antenna and optional extension antenna will let the camera transmit wifi signal better with your phone or with the router.

    • I saw the motion sensor is 0-8 meters. I have a two story house with a basement. Would these work on the walkout side of the basement?

      You mean you want the camera to make recording if something comes out the walkout side of your basement? Yes, it will work for your application. This light bulb came with motion detection. It saves recording if the software detects something changes in the picture after you set up motion detection recording. You can choose motion detection sensivity to medium or high. Thus you always get recording even the motion is more than 8 meters away. You can also set up push notification that is to get notified on your cellphone if a motion is detected. The motion detection range 0-8m we talked about here is referring to this motion detection alarm.

    • The NuCam 720p is not working correctly.

      This may happen if you place the camera in a light socket that's really far away from your router. If you place the camera in the front or the back of you home, driveway, garage, the signal may not be strong enough. This is common for Wi-Fi signals to start dropping once you leave your home. We advise our customers to setup the camera in their house and then relocate the camera to their desired location after the setup is completed. We also recommend using a Wi-Fi Extender/Booster to boost their home signal.

    • The NuCam 720p does not connect to the NuCam app.

      The NuCam 720p requires 2 minutes to establish a connection through Wi-Fi. When you select the your cameras ID in your cellphones Wi-Fi settings. The cellphone starts to use your carrier’s data service because there’s no data service provided through the cameras Wi-Fi. After selecting your camera’s ID from your cellphones Wi-Fi settings, go back to the NuCam App and swipe down on your “device list’ to refresh your camera. This is where you will wait up to 2 minutes for your cellphone to start using the cameras Wi-Fi. You will notice this change when your cellphones symbol for data service changes at the top of your screen, and the camera will show “online”. You will need to complete step 4 from our instillation instructions to give your camera the remote access and UID security.

    • Is the NuCam 720p compatible with Alexa?

      No. Currently our NuCam 720p is not compatible with Alexa.

    • NuCam App will disconnect. “I tried reloading and the NuCam App kept stopping”.

      The NuCam 720p and your cellphone communicate through a Wi-Fi connection during the setup process – The 720p is accessible remotely through the NuCam App because the camera uses your home/office Wi-Fi router. If step 4 isn’t completed, which tells the camera the name and password of your home/office Wi-Fi router. The camera will disconnect from the cellphone and NuCam App – this happens because your cellphone is going to prioritize your data connection and use your carrier’s data service.

    • A working Android link for the app please

      Could you please download the APP named "V380" or "V380 pro" from App store or Google Play?

    • Can’t login to NuCam 380 app

      Hi Carlo, please double check the WiFi signal strength at the installation spot first. Then follow the instructional video to do the installation: Please let us know whether it works.

    • I lost the pw for my bulb and need to reset it so I may add the app to my son’s phone. How do I do a “forgot pw” type function? Thanks!

      Hi Patti, you changed the original password 9999? Did you see the factory setting function? You can try that then press reset by using a pin then use the default password 9999 to set up your camera again. Hope it works! Roy, Nuvending Customer Care

    • Can you ship to india

      Yes we can ship to India. There is $30 flat rate international shipping charge. That means no matter what products you ordered from our website. We charge $30 all of your order. Thanks!

    • Is sound recorded as well as video?

      Yes the sound will be recorded. But you have to follow the federal and local laws about that to respect reasonable privacy when you record conversations. 


      Hi Jack,
      I am sorry to get back late. Recently we changed our email server so we had issue to get notified for the new questions posted in our website. Can I know whether you have changed the password for the NuCam? You can try to log in first under our demo camera: NU720819132 with default password 9999 then add your camera by pressing + on the right top corner with your camera ID and default password. Then go through our setup guide to connect to your camera wifi in the wifi setting of your phone and set up wireless setting to connect your camera to your router. In the last, do the camera factory reset. Then you should be able to log in with your camera ID and the default password now. If it does not work, we can do exchange for you with a good NuCam 720p or with our new model NuCam 360.

    • Does this work with standard security camera NVR's?

      Sorry it does not. It has its own memory card storage and play it back through the app. 

    • I received a message that my data was over. Does this bulb use celluar data to operate?

      Hi If you view the camera remotely with data service, then it will use your celluar data. But if you do not view the camera remotely or you only view it under WiFi, then it will not cost celluar data from your phone.

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