NuCam AW GPS Module Only (NuCam AW Camera Not Included)

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This NuCam AW GPS Module is for recording the route you drove. The GPS module also comes with software to view your route on a desktop computer.   

NuCam AW GPS Module Specifications

  • 5V mini-USB input and mini-USB power/data output for NuCam AW
  • Cable Length: 11.8" ( 30cm )

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  • What is the purpose of this GPS module?

    With the GPS module and software, you can play the video recording with GPS information of your route. If you drive a lot like Uber/lyft or truck driver, the GPS information might help you clarify your driving route if something happens. I heard some Uber/Lyft driver complained that some evil/drunk passengers called credit card company or Uber/Lyft headquarter to deny their service. It is good to show the proof to get protected. Some truck fleet management companies also want to check the driving route. I think it is awesome to record your journey too. With GPS module, it will show your route on map when you play back your recording. So just like what dash cam works through video, GPS module gives you some extra information about locations.

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