NuCam DL 1080p Dual Lens Dash Camera with GPS Tracking - Uber, Lyft, & Fleet Management

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  1. Press the OK button, then Menu button to change the menu setting. Find "Lamp setting" to turn on night mode if you want the night vision of the interior facing camera to work (smaller rotatable lens). 
  2. Before using a SD card which has a larger capacity than 32GB (i.e 64GB/128GB/256GB). We recommend you format the SD card to FAT32 to avoid any errors. See here for a step by step guide on formatting your SD card.
  3. Press the power button on the top left of the device to turn the LCD camera display ON/OFF. You can choose to only show the front camera, rear camera, or show both cameras on the LCD screen at the same time. 
  4. MicroSD card will always save recordings from both cameras, only when the red icon is flashing on the screen (Front camera is A and Interior camera is B).
    • 3.0 inch FHD Screen
    • Samsung 6G Lens (1300 Pixel)
    • HD Photograph (12M)
    • 4x Digital Zoom
    • 3D G-sensor activates automatic recording for automobile collisions. 
    • FHD 1920x1080P (30fps): 
    • DSP: Novatek NT96655
    • CMOS sensor: On Semiconductor AR0330 3 megapixel
    • Back lens: HD 720P, Wide angle 120°, 270° adjustable rotation for in car monitoring or trip recording
    • Super Night Vision 4 LED's (The night vision video will depend on the illumination condition.)
    • 24H parking monitor.
    • H.264/MOV format.
    • Camera Supports up to 64GB microSD.
    • Built-in GPS tracking (Included).
    • SOS video locking (included. Press the SOS bluetooth button to lock the video so it will not be overwritten by the camera when loop recording is enabled).

    Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of Nunet products come with standard One Year Warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.


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    • I bought this dash cam last month. I am using 32gb micro sd card. Now this stopped working and message appeared on screen as card full. It’s not looping record. Are there any things to setting up this dash cam? Thank u

      Hi, We do suggest formatting your MicroSD card to FAT32 with 64kb of File Allocation. Please also make sure the loop recording is setting up at 3, 5 or 10 mins. If you have any more question that's specific to your order or camera, send us an email at

    • Does the NuCam DL over write the oldest files when the memory card is full? Or do I have to physically delete the old ones for it to continue recording?

      Yes it will overwrite the older files when the memory card is full. But for the videos recorded with the SOS button or when G-sensor activiated such as in a collision, it will get protected and not get overwritten.

    • Two things - does the power plug flash in the bottom right corner all the time? And how do I make the key symbol go away? Thanks, Mike

      Hi Mike,
      Just like our manual says about the SOS button, you can press menu (left center) button or SOS button to lock current recording (key symbol) and prevents the camera from overwriting those files while recording. You can stop recording plus key symbol by pressing the OK (right center) button and press again to record again.
      Yes when you are using external microUSB to power on the device, the power plug will flash in the buttom right corner. 

    • The knob above the camera on the bolt that holds the camera to the suction mount fell off. Can I get another?

      Sure. Can you please send us your order ID and shipping address? We will send you a free mounting part. 

    • Is this camera display speed recording to ?

      Hi Nadeem,NuCam DL comes with GPS module (you need to plug in the AUX). It shows speed in KM/H as you can see from 5:52 from the youtube video:

    • My Nucam does not work it turns on and after few seconds the screen goes off.. ???what it is ?

      If you stop the recording (press the second button on the right) and go to the setup menu(the second one on the top), you should be able to see "Screen Saver" option. You can choose to turn it "Off" or other option like "2 Minutes". The default setting is after "1 Minute" the screen will go off. But the recording will keep working. You can also press the top left button to turn on the screen manually. 

    • how to turn on the IR LEDs

      The built-in IR LED's need to be turned on manually. Under Lamp settings in your DL, you can turn on Night Mode for the IR LED's. This option is manual because not all vehicle interiors will have sufficient lighting. Search "NuCam DL" in Youtube to find out how it works.

    • The Camera don't want to read the memory card, I did the format, and nothing, it's a 128gb

      Hi Jose, you formatted your 128gb microSD card to FAT32? I think you can only format a microSD card up to 64gb at FAT32 (with MAC computer) and use it in our NuCam DL. Could you please try with a 64gb or 32gb microSD card?

    • I am trying to setup my account on your app but I can not find the camera id so I can finish registering

      Hi Mike,
      For our NuCam DL, it does not need an app to work on your phone. You can do setting, play back recording in the camera on its screen directly. Our "NuCam" app or "Linkineyes" app is for some other products. If you are looking for a wifi camera, you can check our NuCam 380, NuCam AW, NuCam Yieye or NuCam WR in our store. 

    • Can you change speed settings to show MPH instead of KPH?

      Sorry no. You can not change that in the GPS software setting at this moment before the new update is available.

    • Is there an attribute that is changed for the files when tagged with the SOS button. I would like to send/move/copy these files to another location... also to ensure the G-sensor is not set too lightly?

      Hi Kevin, when SOS button is pressed or G-sensor is triggered, then the recording will go to "RO" folder. The files in RO folder will not be overwirtten unless you delete it or format the card in your PC. In the regular folder, the files ending with A and B means front camera and back camera. You can check this video too: Thanks!

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