NuCharger S5600 Flat Solar Panel and Power Bank 5,600mAh

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The NuCharger S5600 Solar panel and battery pack is rated for 5,600mAh of storage capacity. The S5600 is great for travelers looking to keep their devices fully charged. The S5600 is flat, light, and compact to accompany you on your travels without being a burden. 

The S5600 is waterproof, dust-proof, shatter-resistant, slip-proof, and fire-proof. 

4 suction cups are included to mount the S5600 on the window of your vehicle or home. 

  • ☀Solar USB Charger: Solar Panel is 2.5W with 2Amp MicroUSB charging port. The S5600 will recharge under direct sunlight or with the MicroUSB charging Cable. There is a Solar Sense LED to show if your solar panel is recharging. The S5600’s Solar Sense LED will change its brightness based on how much light the solar panel is getting. If you turn the S5600 away from the sun light slowly, you can see the Solar Sense LED start to Dim. This helps show the best direction for solar charging.
  • ☀4-in 1 Charging Cable Included: USB to Lightening Plug, MicroUSB, MiniUSB, and Apple 30-Pin. The S5600 has 2 USB charging ports. The charging ports are covered with a rubber cap.
  • ☀Portability: The S5600 is 3/8inch thin, with 4 removable suction cups and 1 Carabiner hook for hiking, biking or camping. The S5600 is great for traveling, using the suction cups and fix it to your cars window to recharge or provide charge to devices inside the car, such as Dash Cam, GPS, Phone, etc.
  • ☀Light Source: 4 LED power level indicator. 2 Bars of Light with 8 LED’s underneath. The top of the S5600 is a Solar Panel. The bottom of the S5600 has 2, 2-3/4inch LED bars. When it gets dark, you can turn it over and use the S5600 for a light source.
  • ☀Durability: water, splash, and crush resistant design with fire-retardant materials. Suitable for harsh environments where drops and wet conditions are expected. NuCharger S5600 comes with NuVending’s One-Year warranty. NUNET Brand

NuCharger S5600 Product Specifications: 

  • Solar Panel: 2.5W
  • Capcity: 5,600mAh
  • USB Output: (5V / 1A - 2.1A Max)
  • Micro USB Input: 4.5V-6V / 1.5A
  • 8 built-in LEDs
  • Weight: 290 Grams, .63 Pound.

NuCharger S5600 Dimensions:

Metric: 160 x 160 x 12 mm

Imperial: 6.5 x 6.5 x .5 Inch

NuCharger S5600 Package Includes: 

1 x NuCharger S5600 Unit
1 x USB Cable with Lightening Plug for Apple, 30-Pin Plug for Apple 1st Gen, and Micro USB for Samsung.
1 x Carabiner 
4 x Suction Cups
1 x User Manual


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  • Can this be used to extend the playing time on my NULED Bluetooth Speakers?

    Yes, sure that sounds a brilliant idea. The battery of our NULED bluetooth speaker comes with 4400mAh capacity. So Nucharger S5600 will charge it more than one time.

  • Not sure how this works. Took it on a camping vacation in Patagonia. I carried it around for a whole day and it didn’t charge. Also, it came with the carabiner but not with any suction cups. How do I solar charge this thing?

    Hi Our Nucharger S5600 comes with 2.5W solar panel. When you see the green LED on, then that means the solar charging is working. But please keep in mind it might take 2-3 full days to fully charge the 5600mAh battery since there is loss in energy conversion from solar to electricity and very few hours of direct sunshine even in clear days of winter. I am sorry to hear that suction cups are missiong. Could you please send us an email at with your order ID? We will send you 4 suction cups. 

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