Wireless Remote Wall Plug with WiFi, App Controlled Remote Smart Switch

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Do you have appliances that require you to manual shut off after you're done using it. Our Nunet Smart Plug can add a little but of automation to your lifestyle. 

Control the NUNET smart plug with your phone by the app:

1) Download TuyaSmart app;
2) Long press the power button on the Smart Plug and click on the + sign to add the Smart Plug to the App. Choose to connect to it and configure the wireless setting to your home Wi-Fi.
3) Name it and enjoy phone control. You can also share the control of NUNET smart plug with other phones.

Control with your voice by Alexa

(Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon Lab126 - Used with Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot)
1) First make sure you can use the App to control your device.
2) Then in the Alexa app, go to the skills and search "TuyaSmart". Enable the TuyaSmart Skill. At this point the app has been skilled into echo or Alexa. It means Tuya App can work with Amazon Alexa.
3) Return to TuyaSmart App, click "Profile", you will find "Use Echo", then it will discover the device, and you can control your device by voice.
4) Enjoy voice control.

Customize Your Appliances
When you are ready to go home, use your phone to turn on the electric cooker and air purifier, or the water heater at the scheduled time. You can use our smart plug for your wall A/C unit  and turn it on before you get home. That way, you can enjoy your home during the summer, when you get there. 

Control at Anytime & Anywhere
You can check and control your home's appliance anytime through the Tuya App no matter where you are. Therefore, there is no need to go back home to turn off the power again when you're away or traveling.

Save More Power
Use the timing function, the appliance will turn on or off at the scheduled time, it can efficiently organize every appliance's running time to save much needed power. And of course, this plug itself has low electricity consumption.

Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of Nunet products come with standard One Year Warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.

Questions & Answers

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  • How far away from my home can I control the plug. Is this limited to the WIFI range of my modem, or can I control the plug from several hundred miles away?

    Hi This is a WiFi plug. After you hook it up with your WiFi router in the app, then you can control it anywhere in the world as long as it is online. Yes it needs to be in the WiFi range of your WiFi router so your router can detect it and connect to it.

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