Nucharger QC31 All-In-One International Travel Charger Review

Nucharger QC31 All-In-One International Travel Charger Review

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Author: Jonat Harris

There are few unwritten rules that we ought to abide with while on the move across the globe. Overdependence on airport attendants or hotels to lend you adapters is not cool. Nucharger QC31 All-in-one International Travel Charger will save you the troubles of borrowing adapters at every international stop to keep your devices fully juiced.

Adapted to the different geographical zones power outlets

The Nucharger QC31 All-in-one travel charger is built on the principal of versatility and acknowledgment that the world is a global village. It comes with four interchangeable outlet plugs that you find in over 150 countries.

From the Towers of London to Tongariro National Park in New Zealand to Seoraksan National Park in Korea, the Nucharger QC31 will have your devices covered at all your major stopovers.


Why charge one when you could charge four at ago?

The Nucharger QC31 provides four USB output ports. Categorized into a single type-C direct current 5 volts 3 Amps, double QC 2.0 5 volts 2.4 Amps and a single QC3.0 5 volts 2.4 Amps port.

The beauty about these ports is the fact that you can charge simultaneously four devices. At hand with Nucharger, you virtually have an adapter that would charge the Apple range of devices, Samsung galaxy series among many other devices that support the kind of USB port specifications aforementioned.

Why I think Nucharger is the cream of the crop of travel adapters

The Nucharger comes with an inbuilt voltage converter making it safe to use within the volt range indicated on the charger: 90-240V input voltage.

This feature is specifically useful as the majority of adapters are simply meant to be compatible with the mains outlets and not the electricity coming through the wires.

Tight fitting plugs. An experience with a loose electric connection is something you shouldn’t wish for even to your worst enemies. A loose plug on an adapter is a potential life threatening case. Think of electrocution, sparks and fire.

The safety features incorporated in Nucharger is worth mentioning. This is a device that comes with an inbuilt surge protector and a premium circuit that protects your gadgets from overheating and short circuiting.

Traveling light is fun and cost effective

The Nucharger weighs a paltry 95 grams with units’ dimension of 2.3 by 2.4 by 1.1 inches. This makes it an ideal featherweight travel companion and a side step to the extra baggage fees charged by commercial airlines.

The icing on the cake is that it comes with a small carrying case with a clip that can accommodate the entire charger accessories in one place for convenience during traveling.

To the forgetful: color codes have you covered

Each USB port comes with a distinct color to correspond with the distinct device charge supported USB. Orange for the QC3.0 port, green for the two QC 2.0 and gray for type- C supported devices port.

What not to like about the Nucharger

Anyone with an elementary knowledge of occupational safety and health will tell you that protrusions that aren’t shielded are a no-no in electronics and mechanical gadgets. The reasons as to why the manufacturer deemed fit to only design the plugs adapted for use in the U.S to be retractable is beyond me.

Having sharp protrusion in your pocket, bearing in mind that this is a traveler’s charger is a potential prick hazard.

Parting shots

Four basic tenets to look for in a traveling charger are well catered for by the Nucharger. That’s the plug shapes, outlet port compatibility, the voltage converter and surge protection. It’s quite fortunate that the Nucharger checks all the four boxes.

If you are looking for a featherweight and easy to use adapter that gives you the leeway of charging up to four devices simultaneously, the Nucharger QC31 all-in-one international travel charger creates a persuasive value proposition. It currently retails for $24.99 at Amazon down from a high of $29.99.

*This is a sponsored post created for Nucharger on behalf of TechDigg. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.

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