About NU

NuVending (A dba for Sunny Tech Electronics Inc.), a company dedicated to bringing innovation in consumer electronics to the global marketplace, is the exclusive worldwide distributor of NUNET, a brand of IoT products borne out of NuVending founder Roy Shen’s passion for smart electronics that foster a better life.

NUNET represents more than the products that carry its name. The brand name was created to differentiate us from the competition as a new and unique company firmly grounded in an open-minded culture of collaboration with our employees and customers alike.

The logo depicts a magnet with the N representing our world and the magnetic draw humans have for knowledge and things of all sorts. The U represents you, our customer, who needs only touch something such as your phone or a button on a wearable device to learn about all of those things around us. NET is about the connection between you, our customer, and our products. With the NUNET brand we strive to bring you new experiences for a better life.

We are inspired to create products under the NUNET brand that give you the ultimate IoT experience with well engineered, high quality products that showcase the best in form and function. Our inspiration comes from you, our customers, and your feedback is highly valued. We hope to hear from every customer on a regular basis to help us improve our products and introduce new ones for home and office, indoors and outdoors, for children and adults.

NUNET wants to hear from you! Please follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and share your experiences with our products with your friends. Let us connect and we will all grow together.

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