Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers with Light,LED Flame Speakers Tiki Torch Atmosphere Lamp,Waterproof/TWS Stereo Sound/15H Playtime Wireless for Camping/Patio/Yard Decor,Hooks/Wall Mounts/Stakes - Pair

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    • [Multifunction Bluetooth Speakers] NULED wireless speaker is not only a speaker but also an atmosphere lamp, decoration lantern or night light.NULED flame atmosphere speaker can bring crisp clear music and exciting lighting effects anywhere.Each LED flame lantern has 60 LEDs.Each LED flickers warm yellow lights,forming a stunning flame and mimicking extremely realistic & natural dancing flames.Combined with audio function,NULED flame speakers create a special moment for you.
    • [IPX5 Water Resistant] NULED bluetooth outdoor speaker is waterproof rated at IPX5 which can stand up to splashes,spills,and light rain.Great for use by the pool or beach.Every waterproof wireless speaker comes with a ground stake,hook,and wall mount kit.You can have it stand in your gardern or beach,hang it on your camping tent,trees,or patios,or mount it on the wall/porch.
    • [15 Hours Playtime/Loud HD Sound] With Built-in rechargeable 3600mAh battery,NULED speaker allows you to enjoy up to 15 nonstop hours of your favorite music,great for a party night and the standby time is up to 60 hours.Built-in 5W audio drivers offer full high-definition stereo sound and clear audio with impressive volume.home gadgets for men,house warming gift for new home.
    • [Paired for Stereo Sound] The speaker has 5W output(For higher output at 10W, consider ASIN: B09PL29QW4).You can pair these two TWS stereo speakers.The loundspeakers will split the Stereo sound for left and right channels.This means surround sound between the two speakers.You can use NUNET Bluetooth tansmitter (ASIN: B08VHXXHYX) to play sound from your TV on our NULED flame speakers.
    • [Useful Gift Ideas For Friends/Family] The portable lantern bluetooth outdoor speakers are unique gifts for men who have everything,home gadgets for women.Great for adding fun illumination,crisp music,and a romantic atmosphere to birthdays,holidays,parties,outdoor activities,Mother's Day,Halloween and Christmas.

Product Description

NULED Led Flame Speakers are also flame torch atmosphere speakers bluetooth Speakers, dual wireless stereo speakers

Perfect gift warms your life, welcome the upcoming holiday!

Romantic flame lamps also bring wonderful music to lovers!

Wireless speakers decorate your home theater, fire pit swing area, party,

Enjoy now

Bright Atmosphere to Your Space

bluetooth speakers

About LED flame speakers, you should know

Only a Flame Atmosphere Lamp? absolutely not, a bluetooth music speaker? Not exactly. But a speaker combines both of them in one amazing item.

The LED Flame Speaker is compact, portable and compatible! Rugged, splash-resistant and Bluetooth enabled capabilities makes it become your perfect companion to any terrain or venue.


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  • It’s been working great but it stops my music on each song to beep a telephone busy signal

    The beep warning sound is to remind you to recharge the speaker. Please let me know whether the problem still exists after you recharge it.

  • My speakers do not sound any louder than if I only have my I-phone own by itself playing music how can the volume on the Nuled speakers get louder?

    Hi Sharon,
    How are you? Did you keep pressing the + volume button on the top of the speakers to increase its sound? Recently we upgraded our 5W NU-A1B speakers to 10W NU-20P speakers. We also include shepherds' hooks inside. Please check our Amazon store or our catalog page to find it out. If you are interested in, we can send you a royalty coupon code to try it out. Roy

  • Can’t get my speaker to connect. Doesn’t show up on my Bluetooth

    Are they in pairing mode? You should be able to the top LED of at least one speaker flashing. Otherwise the Bluetooth name of the speaker will not show up. If any more question, please let me know.

  • Can I connect 4 NULED speakers? I purchased a set of two and liked them, so I would like to add another set of two, but still have them all connected at the same time from the same source, can this be done?

    Right TWS technology only allows two speakers to pair each other. But you can purchase two of our LED bluetooth transmitters in our website or Nuvending Amazon store plus an audio splitter cable so each transmitter can connect to two NULED speakers. With the audio spitter, you can also play sournd from AUX IN port such as from your TV. Please let me know how you like the idea.

  • Is there any device I can use to connect 4 speakers together

    Hi David,
    Yes. We just released a bluetooth transmitter. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VHXXHYX. (Will be in stock soon. Please let me know if you need one. We are looking for reviewers.). You can use a 3.5mm audio splitter (included) to connect two transmitters. Each transmitter can connect to 2 NULED speakers. Thus you can play music on 4 NULED speakers from an AUX output.

  • Trying to pair 2 speakers. Turn on. both flash for a bit, then both go to solid. I tap the "power" button on 1 (which you never say to do, but it was mentioned in the video). Nothing. Turn on BlueTooth on laptop. Nothing (I have 2 NULED entries, but cannot connect with either). 1. How do I know when the speakers are paired? 2. Once paired, how do I get them to connect to my laptop's bluetooth? Thank you

    If both top LEDs go to solid that means they connect to your phone individually instead of connecting to each other for pairing. Please turn off the bluetooth on your phone. Then turn off both speakers then turn on again to allow them to pair each other then find NULED in bluetooth to connect to play stereo music. If not, please make sure both speakers can connect to your phone individually on bluetooth.

  • I can't get both NULED Flame Speakers to synch and can't get the set up guide to load on the website. Could you send me a link the the setup guide? The Setup Guide and videos tabs don't load. https://nuvending.com/products/nuled-flame-speaker-ip65-waterproof-outdoor-atmosphere-led-stereo-speaker-w-3600mah-3-7v-rechargeable-batteries-for-deck-patio-parties-pair-2-speakers-for-surround-sound-pair?_pos=3&_sid=642dfb86b&_ss=r#tab-3 Thanks

    Thanks for pointing that out. Here is the instruction to pair two speakers in our user manual: How to connect 2 NULED speakers for stereo sound?
    1.Turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and turn on 2 NULED speakers at the same time. If one gives a warning tone after a few seconds and its top LED indicator changes to steady, then you can connect to its Bluetooth name “NELED” on your phone to play stereo music.
    2.If both top LED indicators keep flashing, then turn off speakers and turn on one of the speakers. Connect to its Bluetooth ”NULED” then do the same on the second one. Turn them off and repeat the above first step. You might need to try a couple of times to connect. The one with steady LED will be the donkey lamp playing as the right channel.
    3.Connect to “NULED” in Bluetooth to play stereo music now. 
    If you can pair them, most likely you have problem to pair your phone with one of the speakers. Just try to pair with that specific speaker first then let those speakers pair each other first (turn off the bluetooth of your phone. Otherwise the speaker will pair with your phone first before they pair with each other.). Please let me know whether it works

  • One of my speakers isn’t working I charged it and still nothing is there anything you can do!

    I am sorry to hear that. Could you please tell me your order number? After you charge it, you can not turn on sound or flame on the speaker? Please also take a picure for the speaker so we can know the exact model you got from us.

  • We received the speakers as a gift and were able to use them on the initial charge it came with. But once we went to charge them, we can’t get them to work. The lamp will work on the one, but not the other. When we plug them into charge it just glows red. is there anything we can do to troubleshoot this issue?

    Hi Could you find the order number from the one who placed the order? You mean you can only connect one speaker to your phone? Please turn off the Bluetooth on your phone first then power on both speakers and see whether they can pair to each other. If not, double click the power button on one of the speakers quickly and see whether it helps.

  • How do I go about getting new speaker mounting brackets for my Nuled outdoor speakers? One of them broke at neck of the bracket.

    Yes, please send your order number, your shipping address and a picture for the mounting bracket you are looking for. Then we will send one to you.

  • Just got a brand new pair as a gift, one of the led lights don’t work. Is there something I can check or change a bulb…or do I send back under warranty?

    I am sorry to hear that. Could you pleae tell us the order number plus your shipping address? We can send you a replacement one if we find it defective. Thanks!

  • When I press the + button it advances to the next track. How do I increase the volume?

    You can long press the + button to increase the volume.

  • trying to pair nuled speakers. one of the pair just flashes green when pairing. Please advise,

    Did you receive our NU-10M (comes with Bluetooth pairing button, the second button after power button) or our NU-10P(no bluetooth pairing button)? You can press the Bluetooth pairing button on both speakers at the same time, so they will pair to each other. One green light will change from flashing to solid. Then you can find the Bluetooth name of the speakers and play music.

  • One of my speakers will not work unless it is right next to the other one

    Can you please tell me your order number and shipping address? Please also take a picture for the products you ordered from us. Thanks!

  • My phone has been connected to speakers but now it won't connect. I have turned the speakers off and on. I see the that they are blinking but my bluetooth on my phone can't find the speakers.

    Did you try to recharge the speakers first? You might need to recharge them to make sure they have enough power to support wireless connection.

  • How do you charge speakers

    On the second picture, you can open the seal then it will reveal the charging port. Use the included microUSB charging cable to charge it.

  • Can I pair 2 pairs of speakers to one signal

    For our TWS model, you can only connect two speakers to play stereo sound. To connect to multiple speakers, please consider our multilink flame speakers NU-10M which is available in our Nuvending Amazon store.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Louise Neron-Asman
Speaker will not turn on

Absolutely love the NULED speaker.
But, my speaker stopped working a few months ago. I thought maybe the battery was dead but even plugged in or at full charge, only the tiki light works. Any help would be great.
Yes i have tried holding the power button on for a few seconds to even longer...nothing. No blue light or connection. Just zero power

Craig Crozier
Pretty darn good for what it is

Listen, these little speakers will NOT fill your world with premium sound. BUT... they will fill your deck with pretty decent background muzic, and look cool with the fake candle flickering.
Follow the setup guide and they are not bad to link with smart phone.
Once I linked both, they were actually playing in stereo and sounding good.

Great sound

One speaker stopped working and will only work if I add pressure to the speaker in order to get it to play music The torch light still works is there a way to repair it?

John Hayden
Unable to pair.

Unable to pair with echo dot 4th generation. very frustrating.

Under 1 year?

We were so satisfied with the speakers when we purchased them.
They do have great sound.
However, last week we were having an event and thought they would be good to use, one of the speakers wouldn't charge. Under one year use and half functioning. Not worth the money then.

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