Bicycle Lock Bluetooth App Controlled Bike Lock, Motorcycle Gate Lock IP44 Splash-Proof Cycling Lock with 110db Alarm Braided Steel and Smart Lock, NuLock for E-Bike by NUNET (47 Inch Braided Steel)

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  • 🔒【SMART & CONVENIENT】Bluetooth bike lock,no combos,easy to connect between Nulock and the phone over Bluetooth,Apps work for Both iOS and Android (make sure the screws for the battery cover are tightened and pressing lock button before pairing with the phone).No worry about key lost any more. If you bought our old version a couple of years ago with Nulock app, please download the SLBLOCK app to your new phone.
  • 🔊【ALARM & ANTI-THEFT】Vibration, breakage, disassembly and cable clipping triggers alarm at 110db to deter thieves or burglary (vibration alarm will NOT work when the owner's phone is connected to the device.). Heavy duty cable lock with alarm for bike,electric vehicles,motorcycle,snowboard etc with anti-theft.
  • 🛡【ROBUST & ANTI-CUTTING】Nulock bike lock cable material:7 braided steel (each is made of 19 braided steel) combined with rust-protective vinyl increase cut resistance for a long time use. Braided Cable is 0.4" in diameter and 47" in length works for mulitple bikes locking, motorcycle wheels,stroller wheels,gate,farms,lawn mowersfences,sports equipment,tool boxes,or various safety applications et.Perfect bike locks heavy duty anti theft and motorcycle locks heavy duty anti theft.
  • 🌧【WATERPROOF CERTIFICATE】Waterproof rating IP44 (Splash resistant) certified and Operates in temperatures between -14 to 140 Fahrenheit.Waterproof anti theft bike lock with alarm. Nulock bluetooth cable lock also can be used as:moutain bicycle Lock,motorcycle alarm system anti theft,e-bike lock,electric scooter locks anti theft,stroller lock anti theft,bicycle alarm,skateboard lock.
  • 🔋【LONGEVITY】3 "AAA" batteries are required which lasts for 5 months use (Opened twice, daily). Low battery indicator in the app will warn you low battery when power is less than 20%.
Think about how many locks are discarded or left lying around because their keys or lock combination were lost forever or forgotten.

Note: If you're using a Samsung J3 or other model phones with Android and you cannot reconnect to your NuLock with our NuLock App. Place your finger on the lock you wish to unlock on the Nulock App and wait for the App to ask "Sure you want to remove this device?", Select Enter. After that, push the button on your NuLock and tap "Scan" on the NuLock App to reconnect the lock to your phone.

So, here's our NuLock by Nunet:

NuLock, A smart bluetooth keyless lock. Our engineers took more than 1 year to develop and test our NuLock. As a Nunet smart lock, besides its robust construction, the following features were tested and approved by our engineers. Follow our social media to see our most resent product software updates and hardware improvements. 

  1. NuLock "knows" you and your device. When your cellphone is within NuLocks bluetooth range, you can unlock it by pressing the unlock button in your NuLock App - Available for both iOS and Android. 
  2. NuLock "reminds" you about the NuLock's battery level. The NuLocks LED will blink red and blue when there's less than 20% life battery. The NuLock app also shows the battery level as well. 
  3. NuLock's 110db alarm "deters" thievery or vandalization of personal property. If your cellphone is out of the NuLocks bluetooth range, the device is armed. If a stranger tries to cut, break, disassemble, or remove the batteries from the NuLock, the alarm will go off. You have to use our NuLock app and your personal passcode to disable the alarm.
  • Convenience: Bluetooth. Keyless, No Combos.
  • App: SOLEBE App work for Both iOS and Android (iPhone 4s and above - Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 above) 
  • Security: Vibration, breakage, disassembly, and cable clipping triggers the alarm.
  • Alarm Intensity: 110db. 
  • NuLock Materials: ABS plastic+Copper+Braided Steel combined with robust casing for a long time use.
  • Braided Cable: 0.4" in diameter and 31" in length. 
  • Waterproof Certification: IP44 (Splash resistant)
  • Certified to operate in temperatures between -14 to 140 Fahrenheit 
  • Battery Life: 3 "AAA" batteries included in package. Lasts up to 8 months use. Low battery indicator in the App will warn you when the battery power is less than 20%.

      *1:This is a bluetooth device. So, if a friend needs your lock, they can download the NuLock App and add your NuLock to their app on their cellphone to control the device. All they need is your password. Please make sure no other phone is paired to the device while adding it to the app.
      *2: The battery cover and screws need to be set in place before using bluetooth to add your NuLock to your device. Double check that your bluetooth is enabled on your device before pairing. 
      *3: If the alarm is triggered, make sure bluetooth is enabled on your phone and bring it to the lock to unlock it.
      *4: All NuVending products come with standard hassle-free one year warranty.

      NuLock Package Includes

      1 x NuLock 

      1 x Operation and Warranty Card

      1 x NuLock User Manual

      1 x NuVending Draw String Carrying Bag

      Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of Nunet products come with standard one year's warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.


      Ask a Question
      • Does the battery get affected by cold weather? I bike all winter.

        We heard biker users had problem to use U-lock in cold weather. Our Nulock is certified to operate in temperatures between -14 to 140 Fahrenheit. Under cold temperature, the battery activity might get lower but it could still work. We have customers in Canada using it no problem. Even you have problem to open it, you can still get spare batteries to activate it and unlock it. 

      • can i give temporary access to a family member?

        It does not have temporary password. But it sounds like a good idea. So you want to give out one-time pasword to other people so they will not be able to come back to unlock your device with the password you give to them?Are you using it on a bike or anything else? At this moment, you can change your password if you want after you share it with other people.

      • Which way does this work? What is distance i can be away to be notified.? I have storage in my building and i keep some stuf in it, im on 6th floor... will it work?

        There are two features in the app setting: 1. Notification. You can get notification when your phone is connected or disconnected with the Nulock if you turn on this feature. Most bluetooth distance is in 30 feet. So most likely you will only get notified when your Nulock connects or disconnects to your phone before it reaches to 6th floor. 2. Vibration. If you set this feature on, your Nulock will send out 110dB alarm if someone moves it when it is out of your bluetooth distance or it disconnects to your phone in bluetooth. The reason is we do not want the Nulock to send out alarm when the owner is with his/her Nulock since 110dB is really aloud. The alarm feature is used to deter the thief away. It is not used to notify the owner since that will require a sim card in the device which involves extra monthly charge and even if you get notified and come back, the thief will run away. So we want the alarm to work at the very moment. Please check our video testimonies in our product page to find out how it works in more detail.

      • I just purchased two of these unlocks for bikes. After I installed them on my iPhone I keep getting this message (Smartlock has been disconnected) and a few seconds later it changes to (Smartlock has been connected). This has happened 67 times since installed them last night. I also tried to test them in the vibrate mode. Could not make them beep. What is going on?

        Hi Stephen,
        Thanks for your purchase. There are two notification settings in the Nulock app as you can see from this blog: One is vibration (alarm). If you set it on, then the alarm will go off when your phone is not connected to your Nulock by bluetooth and the lock is touched/moved by someone. If someone opens the battery cover or cut the cable, it wiil trigger the alarm too if your phone is not nearby. The other notification setting is (Bluetooth connection) notifaction which is what happened to you. It is a reminder to tell you that your phone is connected or disconnected to your lock. If you turn this off, then you will not get that message. 

      • How do I call you about weather or not you sell padlocks? I need a lock like you make that can be opened from about 60 feet for a gate.

        Hi Our nulock use bluetooth technology which works up to 30 feet and consumes low energy compared to WiFi module. For 60 feet, you might consider a wired solution or try to use Bluetooth 5 enabled Samsung S8 or iPhone 8, 8P or 8X. 

      • why my phone not vibrating if someone shake the Nulock ?

        Hi Thanks for your purchase. There are two features in the app you can turn on. One is vibration (alarm). It will activate the 110db alarm when your phone is out of bluetooth range if you set it on. Since it is pretty aloud, we do not want to disturb the owner if the owner is moving or shaking the device. You can try to turn the bluetooth off and then shake the Nulock to see whether the alarm goes off. The first time it will give one beep. If the shake continues in 5 seconds, then it will go off for 30 seconds. You hae to turn on the bluetooth and wait for the device to connect to your phone to turn off the alarm. You can also set notification on or off. It just lets you know your device is connected or disconnected with your phone by bluetooth.

      • What happens if the Nulock malfunctions. Since it is keyless, I am assuming there is no way to release it other than electronically.

        Yes you have to use the app on a cellphone to unlock the device. Here are some possibilities which may happen: 1. Your cellphone is dead or you forgot your phone at home. Solution: You just need to remember your password just like using a comb lock. Then you can borrow your friend's phone to download the "Nulock" free app then type in your password to unlock it. Our current updated version does not provide password recovery to factory setting from our side since that might leave some hole to hackers. We recommend to write down your password in the memo card included in the box. 2. Nulock is out of battery. Solution: It is a very rare situation. 3x AAA batteries could last up to 8 months under normal use of twice lock/unlock every day. Besides of that, battery level in the "Nulock" app always tells you the power percentage left and also warns you low battery if the battery level is less than 20%. In case the battery is dead, then you can open the screw to change battery. But you still need to use your own phone to unlock the device after you install the new battery. That means, even if someone removes the battery under the loud alarming, they still can not press the unlock button to release the bolt. 3. The unlock button does not release the bolt. Solution: In very rare situation, the mechanical parts might get malfunction and the unlock button does not work after a long time of use. This could happen to any mechanic lock, even a U-lock. But compared to a U-lock which is very hard to cut, you can cut the cable if our Nulock becomes malfunction. You have to bear some noise to take out the battery first. You just need to take a picture for that situation, then we will send you a NEW one for FREE.  

      • I want to rent my bike in Spinlister. Is it safe?

        That is a good idea. We encourage bike sharing. With Nulock, you just need to send the password to the bike renter. Actually you do not need to meet the renter face to face. Just get one of NuCam 720p light bulb camera. Then you can check from the camera to see whether they come to pick up or have returned it. It is like double security. Just make sure they did not change the password. Please share your experience with us if you have done so.

      • If someone takes the battery off, will they unlock it?

        Well the electrical circuit of the device is specially designed. If that happens, it will keep alarms which tells the thief to stop. If they determine to do so, they still can not press the unlock button to release the bolt! If you need a battery cover, we can send you a replacement one. 

      • The device sometimes beeps when I move it. When it keeps alarming if I park it outside of a store and someone touches it accidentally?

        Great question since you care! But this device is "smart". The device beeps only when your phone is not nearby or you turn off the bluetooth, and you have set the vibration on in the app. Just remember to keep the bluetooth on or turn off the vibration. If someone moves your bike and Nulock triggers it, it will give out a one-beep warning. If the movement continues in 5 seconds, then it will get off for 30 seconds. It will not keep alarming. It is just a feature to deter thieves away and notify you by sound. 

      • Can I use my phone to control multiple devices?

        Yes, you can control them together under one app. You can rename each device differently. And you can use multiple phones to control one device. But one time it only allows one phone to connect to one device. 

      • If I forget to bring my phone or it is out of battery, how can I unlock the device?

        Wow, it is just like you lost your key for a regular lock. No I am kidding. You are OK. You are not screwed. How about borrowing a phone from your friend and type in your password. You changed the password and do not remember it, and you do not have your phone! This is a very rare situation. We can not recover the password for you since it will bring hole in our app to those hackers. That is why we put a card inside the pacakge and encourage you to write it down. 

      • Why my phone can not connect to the device?

        Since it is a bluetooth smart lock, please double check the following points: 
        *The bluetooth of your phone is on 
        *The battery cover is on with screws tightened in 
        *There is no other phone connected to the device. 

      • Has switching an older NuLock cable lock device to the Solebe app worked for anyone? I have 2 older NuLock App cable locks that I can no longer get the app for and the Solebe app does NOT recognize the older locks when I try to add them in Solebe.

        For an old Nulock, you need to download SLBLOCK app which is only available inn Apple app store at this moment. Solebe app only works for our upgraded Nulock.

      • My iPhone shows the Nulock app is no longer available in the Apple Store. Has the app been changed or am I out of luck?

        You can download and try SLBLOCK in your iPhone. It should work.

      • The Nulock app is no longer on Apple App Store. How can I get the app so I can continue using the lock?

        You can try to download and use "SLBLOCK" app for our old version of Nulock if you got it more than 2 years ago.

      • My app won’t work on my iPhone 13 and I can’t upload a new app. My lock is locked

        Our Nulock app has been retrieved. Please try SLBLOCK app.

      • the app is no longer available on Itunes?

        You can try another app SLBLOCK. Please let us know if it works.

      • Hi, I just upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro, and I cannot get the app to work on it. When I used the search in the App Store it tells me not found, I tried using your QR reader square it tells me not available in my part of the country????

        Hi Jerry, our Nulock app has been retrieved from app store. Please download and try SLBLOCK app. Have a blessed day!

      • I tried to download the app and is not available IOS

        Hi I saw your email from Amazon system. Our new version of Nulock uses SOLEBE app. Yoiu can check this video to see how it works. If you find our information helpful, could you please leave an Amazon review for us? I believe other buyers will find it helpful too. Thanks a lot!

      • iOS 15 says unlock app no longer works on my phone: can’t be found in AppStore. So my lock is junk now?

        Hi Michael, When did you buy our Nulock? It seems you bought our old version of Nulock which works with our Nulock app and also SLBLOCK app. If Nulock app is not available on your phone,, you can try with SLBLOCK.

      • I don’t find the apps(Nulock) in IOS. If I scan it, I get a message that says not available in your country I’m from Canada

        You can search Solebe in IOS for use.

      • Please send me info on how to get thetime to find it on Google play I also trieed the Solebe version no luck. I have receive the NULock 2 day ago. So far I am not pleased. No instruction, can't download the app. Will return for refund if I do not get satisfactory answers.

        Sorry to get back to you late. Here is the link to download Solebe from Google play store: Your version comes with QR code on the lock which is also compatible with Frekis platform. We put QR code on the box so you can scan to get link for electronic instruction and the Frekis app download link. Please keep in mind that you can also choose to work on Solebe or Frekis. If you still have questions, please let us know.

      • I cannot connect to my phone and now the alarm won't go oFF

        Hi Willie, did you make sure you tighten the screws on the back? Please also make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on. When did you get our Nulock? Are you using the app Solebe? Did the screen pop up asking for password after you search for new device? Please let me know more detail so we can know why it does not connect to your phone.

      • Pls send link to new android app

        Here is the link for new Solebe Android app:

      • Unable to update the app in google play androde. Or find it. Got a message from the àpp that a newer version was available but when I tried to update it just spun as in working on it. Same thing happens when I use the qr code..

        Hi Jay, when did you buy our Nulock? Our old app "Nulock" discontinued more than one year agao. If you have changed phone or want to reinstall the old Nulock app, you might not be able to find it. We upgraded the firmware to make it compatible with new Android and IOS phones and the new app name is Solebe. We can give you a 30% off coupon code if you want to try our upgaded version. Please let me know whether it works.  Roy

      • Purchased nulock smart lock (6 ft ). I’m wondering why my lock says smart lock on it instead of the nulock ... all pics in advertisement show the logo nu in a shield followed by LOCK. Did I purchase a knock off ? Got it through Amazon. Also.... mine did not have a little carrying case. Also my lock doesn’t pair with the nulock app. I had to use Solebe app.

        No,  it's not a knock off. The product has NULOCK logo on it so it's real NULOCK. You can use Solebe app.

      • What is the new NULOCK app's name? I can't find it in Play store anymore. I buy a new Samsung phone and I need to install the app. I bought the nulock from Amazon about 1 half year ago

        Hi Djon,  Did you buy our Nulock from Amazon in 2019? I am sorry for the inconvenience. We discontinued our old model and upgraded the firmware to make it be more compatible with most new Android phones. The upgraded model comes with a new app Solebe. Our old app Nulock has been retrieved in Google Play store. We can give you a 30% off coupon so you can try our upgraded version again. What do you think? Thanks. Please let me know.

      • bought the lock in dec of 2017. started using it again with my Note 20. the phone pairs with lock, but the solebe app does not find the device when searching. no QR code to scan. what do i do next.

        You bought our old version which can only work with the old app called "Nulock". The old app might be retrieved in Google Play store. It will not work with the new app "Solebe". We upgraded the hardware with new app to make it more compatible with most new Android phones. We recommend to buy our new versions of Nulocks if you like our products. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • What is the new NULOCK app's name? I can't find it in Play store anymore. I reset my phone and need to install it again.

        Hi Allen, when did you buy our Nulock? We upgraded the firmware so it can be compatible with most new Android devices. The upgraded version works with a new app called "Solebe". The old app "Nulock" has been retrieved. If your purchase is in our one year warranty, we can send you an upgraded version as a replacement one.

      • I turn on the vibration alarm on but it doesn’t work?? Pls advise!! Now I’m afraid this alarm lock doesn’t work.

        Hi Tracy, the vibration alarm will work when the vibration mode is turned on AND your phone is not connected to the device on Bluetooth. We designed it this way because we do not want our Nulock to disturn the owner. You can try again if you turn off the Bluetooth on your phone to simulate that the owner's phone is not nearby. Please let us know how you like this feature.

      • I just submitted a request with the wrong email, below is the right one. I can't unlock my NuLock after replacing the batteries. it won't communicate and setup with my phone/ app. I will have to cut the cable and return for a replacement, unless you can resolve.

        Hi Tim, could I know which app are you using? Our new version comes with a new app Solebe. If you have downloaded Frekis, then you will have to delete one of them. Our old app Nulock has been discontinued. If you purcahsed our old version of Nulock, please turn on GPS service in the app then try again. Thanks!

      • Hello. Just purchased. Great product. Locking bikes on hitch rack while we sleep inside camper. Peace of mind. Any chance a firmware update could include a constant blinking red LED light to show that it is armed (locked). Would make it obvious that this is an electronic lock and could deter someone from attempting to cut. Otherwise, at night, it just looks like a regular cable lock.

        Hi Dave,
        Thanks a lot for your input. Our old version does have LED blinks if anyone touches it. But in our new version, if you set Vibration Alarm mode on, then we expect the 110dB alarm warning beep will deter the thief away on the spot. We did not design it with the LED indicator continously on now since we want to save the battery power. And also the upgraded version is compatible with Frekis platform now if you cna print the QR code from the app (We applied the waterproof QR code on our 15" cable version. Massive production to print QR code on all of the other models is still in development. If you have any other suggestion, please do let us know. Could you please help leave a review for us in Amazon or social media or our website? As a small business in Los Angeles, we will really appreciate your help.

      • I received a brand new NuLock, installed the batteries, locked the device (heard the bibibi noise), and tried to pair with my iPhone 11 max. I have turned bluethooth off and on, power cycled my phone, and nothing works. The lock will not pair with my phone. The "scanning" message stays on the app until it times out.

        Hi John, did you try it with the new app Solebe? Our old app Nulock is not working now.

      • I can't connect to my Samsung Note 10 plus . Search doesn't find it. Any solution ?

        Hi Tom, when did you get this product? We recently released our updated version which works with the new app Solebe. It should be compatible better with some new versions of Android phones such as your Note 10 plus. Please try and let us know.

      • If my bike is locked on a bike rack with many other bikes, will someone unlocking or locking their bike to the same rack set off the alarm? I lock my bike up at a busy market and wouldn't want the alarm going off all the time.

        If you choose to turn off vibration mode, then the alarm will not go off even if some movement or vibration is triggered on the device. So you need to turn on vibration mode to have the alarm mode work.

      • I had been very happy with my Nulock, but now my Nulock is malfunctioning. Was at 36% power so I changed batteries. Beeped twice when new batteries were installed. Found the lock function is intermittent. Following procedure on inserting cable, pressing lock button. I have to press button several times before successfully locking. Then I can use phone to check battery. Battery 100%. Then I can unlock. When I go to lock again I may have to press button several times before it locks. (I have tried being patient, pressing the button and waiting, not pressing it in rapid succession.)Then when it locks the alarm may immediately go off, but I can connect and enter passcode to disable alarm and unlock. I have made sure screws in cover are tight. I have uninstalled and reinstalled batteries. The problem persists. The button to lock functions intermittently and may result in alarm. The lock is not usable in this state.

        Hi Larry, sorry to hear that. Are you using AutoUnlock or (manual) Unlock mode? What phone are you using? We recommend to use manual Unlock mode. After you insert the pin of the cable, you might need to wait a few seconds before you press the lock button. Then please wait around 30-60 seconds for the lock to connect to your phone again so you can unlock it. Please let me know if you still have question. 

      • How to I find my order Id #? Forgot my password!

        Did you order it from Amazon? Amazon order should look like xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx. The default password is 123456. You can call us at 6264251083 if you need more help.

      • Will this lock notify me when the lock on engaged or locked ? Notify me by alerting my smartphone ? Thanks Vince

        There is a nofication feature in the app. It will notify you when the Bluetooth of the lock is connected or disconnected to your phone. But you will not be able to get further notification if your phone is out of its Bluetooth range. At this situation, the alarm (or vibration feature in the app) will be there to deter thieves away on the spot if someone tries to mess up the lock.

      • mine is s not connecting keeps on scanning flashes red and and blue so I changed the battery but batteries dont work

        LED flashes red and blue which means the batteries are out of power.  Plz make sure you put in new batteries in right polarization and those two screws are tightened in. Then press lick button on the front pallel. Plz let me know whether it helps.

      • how to change batteries?

        When you change batteries, you had better unlock the device first. Then the alarm will not go off when you take off the screws or put in new batteries. If the alarm goes off after you put in new batteries, please make sure you tighten the screws, press the lock button on the front panel and the bluetooth on your phone is on, now scan or add new device in the app.

      • I got a nulock bike lock for christmas but there was no owners manual help me set thi up

        Hi OScar,
        You can check this video: or you can send us your email then we can send you electronic copy of our user manual. Hope you like our Nulock.

      • is it ok to use lithium batteries with this lock. They have a lower temp rating. I am using to lock up a snowblower

        Yes it is OK to use lithium battery as long as its size fits in. Our Nulockpro uses lithium battery. But it does not have alarm feature. Originially it was developed for vehicle sharing use so it has IP6 waterproof rating. We only have android app available for it.

      • We ran out of battery and then could not remember the password. We said remove lock from the app and now when we try to reconnect it doesn’t find it. The blue and ref lights show up on the lock and the app says scanning but finds nothing. Please help.

        The blue and red lights show up that means you need to replace the battery. If you could not remember the password, then please send it back to us then we can help recover it for you. Thanks!

      • My NULOCK (nunet-BL002) will no longer lock. I've replaced the batteries, made sure the end is fully seated down into the lock, but nothing. I tried reinstalling the software as well. I have lost one of the screws to the battery cover a year or so ago and it had not been a problem. It would still lock with only one screw. Can this be the issue? Or??? If so, can you give me the specs on the screw so that I can get another?

        Hi Todd,
        In order to lock the device, please make sure: 1) The new batteries are installed in. 2) The bottom screw is tightened in. 3). Press the lock button. Please let us know whether it fixes your issue. If not, please send us your order ID. Then we will try to send you extra screws.

      • I forgot my password Is there a way to reset the Nulock or is it just a pound of garbage now?

        Hi Paul, what is your order ID? You can send the lock to us at 4700 Miller Dr. #D3, Temple City, CA 91780 so we can reset it for you or send you a replacement.

      • I have the nu lock it seams to work lock and un lock through app, although device will not show up on my phones blue tooth, and when I set alarm off sometimes it wont reconnect to cancel alarm

        Hi Ed, what phone are you using? It might take one or two mins for some Android phones to connect to our Nulock through Bluetooth. You can press the lock button and make sure the LED indicator flashing red then try to connect in the app again.

      • What determines how many hours you get from battery's, is the unit asleep when not in use.

        In our test, the batteries might allow the device to work for 5 months if you use it twice every day. Yes it will be at sleeping mode when not in use. The app will show the battery power level. If less than 20% left, the power level will be in red color to give you a warning.

      • I was having difficulty with the lock and deleted it from the app. Now I’m not able to add them back in. I have tried deleting the app from the iPhone and attempted to add them but it just keeps scanning. The batteries have been changed. And when I press the lock button the LED flashes red/then blue.

        Hi Michael, the LED flashes red and blue which means the batteries is almost dead. Probably the batteries you got are used. Please change to new batteries and try it again.

      • Forgot password

        Unforatunately you can not recover the password in your side if you have not written it down. But you can send the lock to us at Roy Shen (RMA), 4700 Miller Dr. #D3, Temple City, CA 91780. So we can send a replacement to you.

      • I see that someone asked you about what happens if you forget your password. The answer you gave doesn't say anything but not to forget it! What happens if we do forget it?!! Do we just throw the lock away? People forget passwords all the time. What can you do?

        This is a bluetooth device, not a WiFi one connected a server. So there is no way we can recover your password. Again, you don't need to type in your password as long as you are still using the same app on your orignial phone. But you can send the lock back to our office in California, we can still repair it in house and send you a replacement one.

      • I just bought the lock and am trying to set it up. The sticker says batteries installed, but when I press the button whether its pin is in or not nothing happens.

        Hi I am sorry to get back to you late. Could you please change the batteries first? Make sure you tightened both screws after you put new batteries in. You should be able to hear BiBi sound after you put in batteries and BiBiBi sound after you press the lock button on the front. If it still not working, please tell us your order ID then we will schedule a replacement for you. Thanks!

      • i got a new phone and forgot the bluetooth pairing pin. i tried 0000 and 1234 and it does not work. i am still able to connect with my old phone but i don't use that phone. please help

        The default password is 123456. Since it is bluetooth device, it can only connect to one phone at one time. Please disconnect it with your old phone then try to pair it with your new phone. Thanks!

      • The beeps made when you lock or unlock appeared to be at a high volume, when I saw the YouTube video. Can I adjust the beep volume or, preferably, disable the beeps? Similarly, will the alarm silence after a set period of time, or do I have to come and silence it? If so, can the alarm be disabled? I’m concerned that it will go off frequently and become annoying for accidental triggers.

        Hi Martin, you can not adjust the beep volume. But you can disable the alarm function by switching off "Vibration" mode in the app. The alarm will go off with one beep only if someone touches the lock accidentally when vibration alarm is activated. If the movement continues in 5 seconds, then it will go off for 30 seconds. It happens only if your phone is not nearby or not connected to the device by Bluetooth. Its main purpose is to deter thief away, not to make trouble to the owner or neighbors. You can also search "Nulock" in Youtube to find more detail.

      • What do you do if you forget the password to your lock

        Hi Joe,
        As we remind in our warranty card and user manual, we could not cover the password for you. So we strongly recommend our customers to write down the new pasword if they forget it. Actually after you set up the app, your phone will remember the password you set unless you change your phone or use another phone to unlock it.

      • myscreen is "stuck on the "disconnected" and won't let me do anything else, even lock the bike. It has new batteries and case is secure. Alarm has been constantly going off.....HELP!!!!

        Hi Stephen The email you left in our website does not work. So here I replied to your Q&A. I am sorry to hear that. You said you could not always lock the device by pressing the lock button. It seems you got defective item. Could you please tell me your order ID? We will try to send you a replacement one. Roy

      • Hi i just changed the battery on my nulock and it Ian not connecting anymore. It shows one red light but when I go to Connect it doesn’t work. I need help please

        Could you please make sure you have tightened both screws in and have pressed the lock button on the front panel? You should be able to hear BiBiBi sound. Then you can begin to connect to the device on your phone. Please let me know whether it works.

      • in the event of an alarm, how long will the siren sound before the batteries die.

        Hi Jeff, for vibration alarm, it will give one beep of warning in case someone touches it accidently. If the movement continues in 5 seconds, then the siren will go for 30 seconds. Its purpose is to deter the thief away but not to disturb everyone in the surrounding. But if someone cut the cable or take the screws off from the battery cover, then the siren will keep alarm until the batteries die, which normally goes around half an hour. 

      • I bought this lock over a year ago and haven't used it since. I can't remember my password. How can I reset it? thanks

        Hi Robert, did you try the default password 123456? If it still does not work, you can send it to us as the address shown in our website then we will try to reset it for you.

      • Forgot password how do I reset it?

        Hi Rosrmary, I am sorry to hear that. As you can see from our user manual or warranty card, we could not recover the password from ourside. But if you can send the unit to our California office, then we can send you a replacement one. That is why we ask to write the new password on the warranty card. Our address is: Aaron Lee(RMA), 515 S Palm Ave. #7, Alhambra, CA91803.   ---Roy

      • Hi, I am interested in buying your bluetooth alarm lock but have a question. Does the lock automatically unlock when my bluetooth enabled phone is within range? I want to take my bike with me while traveling in my RV and I'm concerned it may automatically unlock while bluetooth is enabled on my phone inside.

        Hi Thanks for your interest. If you turn on "AutoUnlock" option, then yes the lock will unlock automatically if your phone is nearby. But if you use "Unlock" option, then you will have to press the Unlock button to unlock it. Otherwise it will stay in locked status. But you will have to press the red button to release the lock pin for either way. You can check this video for more detail:

      • I had changed my phone n forgot to pair with new phone . Now had lock the lockand unable to unlock. Cannot unlock with password either . Keep prompting error . Please help. Urgent

        Hi Tan, I am sorry to hear that. Did you change the password? Or you are still using the default password 123456 but the app keeps prompting error? You can try to exit from the app then launch again. Please let me know whether it works.

      • i got my nulock today from amazon and when trying to pair with the app I keep getting password error and the alarm keep going off. ive tried removing the batteries and starting over and reinstalling the app and still getting the password error.... what do i do?

        Hi John,
        I am sorry for the inconvenience. What phone are you using? Did you try to use another phone to connect to it? Could you please tell me your order ID so we can send you a replacement one. 

      • I got a new phone and had to get new app. Now alarm is locked and active but my phone will not recognize device. Is there any way to resolve

        Hi, Thanks for your purchase. When you use your new phone, is your old phone still nearby and connected to the lock? You might set Vibration (alarm) on in the app. Please make sure the lock is not connected to any other phone. Then you can try to connect to the lock. 

      • How do I put in a new password

        Hi John,
        You can change the password in the menu. But please make sure you write it down or remember your password since we could not recover it for you. Thanks

      • Is there anything I can do if I have forgotten my password cheers gary

        Hi Gary, you can send it to us: Arron Lee (RMA), 515 S Palm Ave. #7, Alhambra, CA91803. Then we will send another one to you.

      • I just bought two of your locks two days ago. I tried to connect my wife's phone to the locks and now neither lock will connect to any phone. When I try to connect to the locks I am asked for the "new" password. Neither lock recognizes the password I set up on my phone.

        Hi John,
        Thanks for your purchase. Can I know what phone are you using? Is it an iPhone or Android phone? Some Android phones might have connectivity issue but most times it should be OK. When it asks for the "new" password, you just need to type in the factory password 123456. Before your phone can recognize the lock, you need to make sure you pressed the lock button on the front panel and hear DiDiDi beep. If not, please make sure you have tightened the screws in the battery cover and makes sure the bluetooth is on in your phone. You can also check this video if it says password error:

      • How secure is the bluetooth connection? Is the lock protected against the following attacks?

        Hi That command was designed to reset the password in most beginning in case our customers forgot the password and returned the products to us. We had taken that command off from our Nulock after Matthew left review for us: That is why we added some words in our updated manual and warranty card: we do not provide password reset service since we could not reset it too. Also, the author of your article has never contacted us. Our website is still here all the time. Maybe he contacted someone else who resells our old version. And our Nulock has achieved a rank of #1 in Ezvid Wiki of 2018's best smart bike locks.

      • I use my NuLock primarily when I camp, locking a Bike below the slide out in my motorhome. Is there any way to turn off the proximity disabling of the audible alarm when the Bluetooth device is near the alarm. If someone tries to take the bike in the middle of the night I'd probable never hear it. They could cut through the cable with a pair of Bolt cutters and make off with the bicycle, and the alarm would not sound. It is inconvenient to disable the bluetooth on my phone, there are other devices connected at the same time, and unreasonable to shut the phone off. I'd simply like a software toggle to allow me to keep the alarm on even when the bluetooth device is in close proximity to the lock.

        Hi Jim,

        Thanks for your suggestion. Normally we recommend customers to turn off the Bluetooth when they stay nearby. 

        At the same time, we also ask for our engineering team to think about updating our software. Hope we can have the function you ask for in our next generation.

        Thanks again for your support.

      • Is your smart lock open source? Can we have some API of the smart lock if we want to develop a project?

        Yes we can do that. Could you please contact us through and tell us more detail about your requirement or application? Thanks!

      • I just got my Nulock. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When I enable Notifications in the app, and clearly go in and out of Bluetooth range, I am not getting any notifications. How come?

        Did you check the notification setting on your phone? You have to turn on notification feature on your phone too.

      • Hi, I just bought the Nulock and I have a question. If I start the app, and then lock the Nulock, the app connects to it. Then, if I click the lock, and then check AutoUnlock, the lock unlocks before I can get out of bluetooth range. How is this feature supposed to work, if I cannot get out of bluetooth range before it unlocks?

        For AutoUnlock feature, after you lock the device, the lock will keep as unlocked if your phone is still in Bluetooth range. But the pin still stays in the lock unless you press the red side bar to release it. Then when your phone gets out of Bluetooth range, the lock will turn to locked. That means you do not need to press the lock button on the front panel of the lock to lcok it. But I do not recommend to use the AutoUnlock feature since the above steps could get messed up or customer did not realize their lock is unlocked. I recommend the manual Unlock feature.

      • Any chance you could make a smartwatch app? I have the Samsung Gear smartwatch and it would be really cool if I could unlock the lock with my watch instead of having to fish the phone out of my pocket.

        Hi Yes we are developing our new app. Definitely we will try to make a smartwatch app. Please follow us in our Twitter so you can get notified with our new product release or app update.

      • What type of screw is used for the cover? I lost one and need to replace it.

        Hi Bradley, could you please give me your order ID? To get screws from us, we can just remove a customer returned item from our Amazon warehouse to you. So you can get some useful parts from the package. Sometimes the returned ones could be a good one too. The customer might have returned it just because of some personal reason. 

      • I bought my nulock in March 2018. The Nulock app is no longer available, so I downloaded the SLBLOCK app and the Solent app and neither recognize my lock. I read that I should press the lock button to pair with my phone, and now the alarm won’t stop sounding. I had to quickly remove the battery to stop it, but when I reinstall the battery the alarm starts again. I haven’t used this lock much, paid a lot for it, and now have need of it and can’t make it work. Please help.

        Our Nulock app was discontunued. But you can still use SLBLOCK app to use the device. Please tighten both screws after you put in batteries. Then press the lock button on the front panel. You might need to bear the siren a while (you can use hand or cloth to cover the device to muffle the noise) when you search the device in the SLBLOCK app. Aftaer it connects, the siren will stop. Then you can use it again. Our upgraded lock will work with the Solebe app. It will be more reilable.

      • So no one can unlock this lock even if they have the app. Unless they have my password correct

        Hi David,
        Yes, you are right! After you delete the app and reinstall again or install the app in any other phone, it will ask for your password to unlock the device. But a reminder: please keep your password in the warranty card or save it somewhere since we can not recover your password if you forget it.

      • Are you going to make one with a longer cable? Sometimes I want to lock a large object or multiple bicycles.

        Yes we will make one with a longer cable. Before it is released in the market, at this moment, you can buy multiple Nulocks to lock a large object.

      • i was wondering if the lock is on and someone makes it go off does it notify you if your like in a store or over a 100 yards from your bike so you know to come out and turn it off.

        Unfortunately, as a bluetooth device the NuLock will not notify you if you are out of bluetooth range. Generally you will be able to hear the 110db alarm from 100yards away. Once the alarm goes off you will need to approach your bike in bluetooth range to disable the alarm.

      • I have an older NuLock that I bought in 2018 no longer unlocks. I had to change the batteries. I then downloaded the new app Solebe and cannot get it to connect. I cannot use the lock now? Do I need to but a new one? I am needing one for an upcoming trip in a week from yesterday

        Hi You can download the app "SLBLOCK" from Apple app store and keep using it. But unfortuately this app is not available in Android play store.

      • I have the Solebe version of this lock. I have not used it for a while. The lock is locked. I can not find the Nulock app for IOS. The only way to stop the alarm is to remove the batteries. The SLBLOCK app does not show up in my Bluetooth list of devices. How do I unlock it and make the SLBLOCK app work? How do I make the device show up in my Bluetooth list?

        Hi Gary,
        For an old version of our Nulock before 2020, you need to use SLBLOCK app. But to make it work, you have to install the screws and press the lock button then search the device in the app.

      • Can this lock be used by mulitple user? We plan to use it to secure a gate and about 6 people will need access. If each of them have the app on their phone and the correct password will the lock work for all of them?

        Yes, all of you can download the free app then type in the correct password to unlock it. It only needs password for their first time to use. Then later they can unlock it with the app directly. But please make sure to write down your new password since we can not recover it for you.

      • I opened the app to unlock, as did my wife, the Solebe app no longer ger recognizes our locks. We tried uninstalling and re installing the app. Hit search device button and it just spins. Lock works great because I can no longer unlock this piece of crap. Your Solebe app is crap. If this thing wasn't around my bike I'd take a sledge hammer to it. As it stands I have to cut this garbage off of my bike. I will return this to you and advise everyone who has this lock to get rid of it. Thanks for nothing

        Hi Your wife can unlock it right? Please keep in mind that our smart lock is a Bluetooth device, that means it can only connect to one phone at a time, just like a Bluetooth speaker. If it connects to your wife's phone, then your phone will not be able to connect to it. So please make sure no other phone is connected to the lock (or turn off the Bluetooth of other phones) then try again. You also need to make sure the screws for the battery cover are tightened. Then press the lock button on the front panel and wait a few seconds. This product has been in the market for a few years. It should work.

      • The nulock app is no longer available in the iOS App Store. Does this mean my lock is now totally useless? How exactly do I install the app?

        You can search and use the app "SLBLOCK" in Apple app store. Please let us know if any more questions.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

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      Marvin L.

      I bought one of the bike alarms for myself and I was plesantly surprised at the simplicity of the device and app. Good quality and functioned well as described. I bought 3 more for gifts. Yes I would recommend it.

      Gary Norman

      This lock is a waste of time if you forget the password you can not set it again, so I cut it off. I’m not going to get this again waste of money and I would rather have lock and key the old school way.
      Didn’t take much to cut it off!

      David Taylor

      I just received my new lock in the mail. It was very easy to pair with my Google pixel 3A smartphone. Even easier to set up and put together. The instructions make it easy enough for even a child to understand. The Lock works exactly like it is supposed to if not better. I love the security I feel now because even if I forget to hit the lock button on my phone it automatically locks when I get far enough away. So now I feel 100% safe wherever I go that my bike will be there when I return. Thank you NuLock for this awesome lock and especially the peace of mind that I now have

      Pop art.

      It was a really great lock until I bought a new phone and found that the app has been discontinued in Play Store. I tried downloading the alternative app (Solebe) I think it's called, but it doesn't detect the lock. So know its just a 40 something dollar chunk of metal.

      Bitchin Look

      I don't use the Bluetooth, Just the appearance is good enough for me. ride up to a store (and some of you know for f that can be), Slap on NUlock for all to see. Wahoo! Wireless piece of block of security watching by bike.

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