NuLock Bluetooth Braided Steel Cable Bike Lock 47" Inches (110dB Alarm with Cellphone Notification)

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Think about how many locks are discarded or left lying around because their keys or lock combination were lost forever or forgotten.

So, here's our NuLock by Nunet:

NuLock, A smart bluetooth keyless lock. Our engineers took more than 1 year to develop and test our NuLock. As a Nunet smart lock, besides its robust construction, the following features were tested and approved by our engineers. Follow our social media to see our most resent product software updates and hardware improvements.

  1. NuLock "knows" you and your device. When your cellphone is within NuLocks bluetooth range, you can unlock it by pressing the unlock button in your NuLock App - Available for both iOS and Android.
  2. NuLock "reminds" you about the NuLock's battery level. The NuLocks LED will blink red and blue when there's less than 20% life battery. The NuLock app also shows the battery level as well.
  3. NuLock's 110db alarm "deters" thievery or vandalization of personal property. If your cellphone is out of the NuLocks bluetooth range, the device is armed. If a stranger tries to cut, break, disassemble, or remove the batteries from the NuLock, the alarm will go off. You have to use our NuLock app and your personal passcode to disable the alarm.
  • Convenience: Bluetooth. Keyless, No Combos.
  • App: NuLock App work for Both iOS and Android (iPhone 4s and above - Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 above)
  • Security: Vibration, breakage, disassembly, and cable clipping triggers the alarm.
  • Alarm Intensity: 110db.
  • NuLock Materials: ABS plastic+Copper+Braided Steel combined with robust casing for a long time use.
  • Braided Cable: 0.4" in diameter and 47" in length.
  • Waterproof Certification: IP44 (Splash resistant)
  • Certified to operate in temperatures between -14 to 140 Fahrenheit
  • Battery Life: 3 "AAA" batteries included in package. Lasts up to 8 months use. Low battery indicator in the NuLock App will warn you when the battery power is less than 20%.

      *1:This is a bluetooth device. So, if a friend needs your lock, they can download the NuLock App and add your NuLock to their app on their cellphone to control the device. All they need is your password. Please make sure no other phone is paired to the device while adding it to the app.
      *2: The battery cover and screws need to be set in place before using bluetooth to add your NuLock to your device. Double check that your bluetooth is enabled on your device before pairing.
      *3: If the alarm is triggered, make sure bluetooth is enabled on your phone and bring it to the lock to unlock it.
      *4: All NuVending products come with standard hassle-free one year warranty.

      NuLock Package Includes:

      1 x NuLock

      1 x Operation and Warranty Card

      1 x NuLock User Manual

      1 x NuVending Draw String Carrying Bag

      Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of Nunet products come with standard one year's warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.


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      • I have purchased a Nulock through Amazon just last week. I think the lock is a brilliant idea,but I cannot seem to get it to work. Here is the problem. I have done all the instructions and I lock the lock and press the button on the lock and the red light comes on and the app confirms the lock is closed. Yet when I check the lock to see if it is closed, once I press the release button,I can pull the the lock open even though the app is telling me that it is closed. Any idea how to solve this problem. Have to say, a brilliant idea. I hope you can help me please.

        Hi Michael,
        When you press lock button, did you hear "BiBiBi" beeps? You might need to wait a couple of minutes to make sure the lock truly connected with your phone. When the lock is unlocked and the cable bolt is pulled out, the app should show "connect failed" in red. After you press the lock button then wait a few seconds, then the app should show "connect success" in green. If you still have problem, please send us an email with your order ID with your phone number. 

      • When the alarm on the lock goes off, will you be notified on your phone that the alarm is going off?

        The Nulock is a bluetooth device. It will only notify you when your phone is connected or disconnected the Nulock on bluetooth. Since the alarm only works when your phone is disconnected with the device on bluetooth, you will not get notified about the alarm. It will need sim card to transfer data to send you notification from Nulock. But that will involve much more power consuming and also data service. The alarm is used to deter the theif away though.

      • I switched services and got a new phone. How do I reconnect to my nulock?

        Dear customer,
        No matter you are changing your phone service or you need someone else's phone to unlock the nulock, you can always download the free app "Nulock" to your phone then type in your password then unlock it. Please keep in mind: you can only use one phone to connect to the device since it is bluetooth connection. And also please remember your password if you change it.

      • Ill be in my motorhome in the mountains away from phone service. How do i operate the lock under those conditions?

        Hi Dennis,
        Nulock is a bluetooth device. You can set it up or control it without data service just like operating a bluetooth speaker. That means you can lock, unlock, set up alarm etc no matter you are in the mountailns or on the sea, as long as your phone is in the Bluetooth range (around 30 feet). The alarm will be ready to work when it is not connected with your phone (we don't want it to disturb the owner) and you have turned on the vibration on. Alarm goes off when vibration detected, battery cover screws removed or cable cut.

      • I just bought one of these bike locks. When I insert the battery it only beeps twice, and does not lock. Can someone help please?

        Thanks for your purchase. Yes it only beeps twice when you insert the battery as you can see from the video: Our manual is There are a few things I need to confirm before you operate the lock: 1. You have to put battery cover on with screws tightened in. 2. Put the lock button on the front panel to lock it. More detail information can be found in our product page and video testimonies.
        If you still have question, please contact us and let us know.

      • So, I have a discount code from I read that you have plenty of the 41" locks but your site has not been updated to reflect anything but "sold out". Its hard to order when the order won't "take"! So, how do I order before the 4/30 deadline?

        Hi Thanks for your interest of our 47" Nulock. The 47" long cable might allow you to lock two bikes or two wheels of most bikes. We have updated our website and put this one into back ordered. So now you can place an order by using the coupon code you have. We will lock the price and save the inventory for you when we get the shipment. We should be able to ship it out before 5/10/2017.

      • I want to rent my bike in Spinlister. Is it safe?

        That is a good idea. We encourage bike sharing. With Nulock, you just need to send the password to the bike renter. Actually you do not need to meet the renter face to face. Just get one of NuCam 720p light bulb camera. Then you can check from the camera to see whether they come to pick up or have returned it. It is like double security. Just make sure they did not change the password. Please share your experience with us if you have done so. 

      • If someone takes the battery off, will they unlock it?

        Well the electrical circuit of the device is specially designed. If that happens, it will keep alarms which tells the thief to stop. If they determine to do so, they still can not press the unlock button to release the bolt! If you need a battery cover, we can send you a replacement one. 

      • The device sometimes beeps when I move it. When it keeps alarming if I park it outside of a store and someone touches it accidently?

        Great question since you care! But this device is "smart". The device beeps only when your phone is not nearby or you turn off the bluetooth, andyou have set the vibration on in the app. Just remember to keep the bluetooth on or turn off the vibration. If someone moves your bike and Nulock triggers it, it will give out a one-beep warning. If the movement continues in 5 seconds, then it will get off for 30 seconds. It will not keep alarming. It is just a feature to deter thieves away and notify you by sound. 

      • Can I use my phone to control multiple devices?

        Yes, you can control them together under one app. You can rename each device differently. And you can use multiple phones to control one device. But one time it only allows one phone to conect to one device. 

      • If I forget to bring my phone or it is out of battery, how can I unlock the device?

        Wow, it is just like you lost your key for a regular lock. No I am kidding. You are OK. You are not screwed. How about borrowing a phone from your friend and type in your password. You changed the password and do not remember it, and you do not have your phone! This is a very rare situation. We can not recover the password for you since it will bring hole in our app to those hackers. That is why we put a card inside the pacakge and encourage you to write it down. 

      • Why my phone can not connect to the device?

        Since it is a bluetooth smart lock, please double check the following points: The bluetooth of your phone is on The battery cover is on with screws tightened in There is no other phone connected to the device. 

      • Is a PDF copy of the owner's manual available for download?

        Yes of course. Please send an email to From there, we can reply with our PDF Owner's Manual. 

        Thank you, 
        NuVending Team 

      • changed phones and in-advertanly locked bike lock. do not remember password. downloaded app again but asking for new password which I dont know

        Hi Matthew, you can ignore the new password reminder. As long as you did not change the default password, then you can unlock it with "123456". Please let us know whether it fixes your issue.

      • How do I change the battery??

        Hi When your phone has paired with Nulock, then you can use the included screwdriver to take screws off and change the battery. Otherwise it might trigger alarm from the device if your phone is not connected with the device. 

      • If Nulock is locked and batteries are removed and then cable cut will the alarm still go off?

        If Nulock is locked and your phone is not nearby or not connected, then the disassembly of the screws from battery cover will trigger the alarm. We expect the 110dB alarm will deter the thief away before he/she continues to take batteries off and decides to get a tool to cut the cable. Of course almost no lock could stop a determined thief. If the batteries are taken off, then no alarm will go off. We will design a new model with integrated rechargeable battery.

      • Can I lock the NuLock from my phone or does it have to armed from the lock itself?

        Hi Larry,
        Sorry to get back to you late. You can only lock the device if you are using AutoUnlock mode. When your phone is out of Bluetooth range, Nulock will get locked automatically. If you use manual unlock mode, then you will have to press the lock button on the front panel to lock the device. The alarm and speaker are built in the lock so it will arm from the lock itself. Thanks!

      • I get the lock locked and beeps 3 times and see a flashing red light however when I move out of Bluetooth range I open up the app and it says "connect failed" does this simplely mean the Bluetooth is disconnected? I'm worried that the lock it's self is "unlocked/failed" how do I see/know if the lock is still locked via the app?

        Yes after you press the lock button on the front panel and you hear 3 beeps then it means the device is locked. It will keep as locked even if your phone moves out of the Bluetooth range, or someone tries to take out the screw and batteries out (the alarm will be activated though) until you bring your phone back and press unlock button in the app. The connect failed notification just gives you a reminder that you are out of the Bluetooth range now. 

      • Im having issues unlocking. It takes several attempts for the app to conecto to the lock. It gives a message of conection failed. I tried turning the wifi off , thrning the bluetooth off and on restarting the phone, resting the cell aginst the lock etc etc. It takes up to 5 minutes everytime to finally get it coneccted. The batteries are fresh they are at 89%.

        Hi Norberto,
        Can I know what phone you are using? Some Android phones might have issue to connect to our Nulock. You can also move the Nulock and your phone to another location where no other Bluetooth interference and try again. Just make sure your bluetooth is turned on and connect it on the app. Please let me know whether it improves.

      • I just got my Nulock and got the app working on my phone. I want to have it on my wife’s phone as well Can I have the app on 2 phone to use the same lock?

        Yes you can have the free "Nulock" app on different phones. So if your phone is dead or you want to share the lock with someone else, then all of you guys can use it as long as you guys have the password. Just a reminder, like other bluetooth devices, you can only connect to one phone at one time. So if your phone can not connect to the device, then you should check to make sure your wife's phone is not connected to it.

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