10W Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers LED Flame Speakers Tiki Torch Atmosphere Lantern Waterproof Wireless Portable Sound System 15H Playtime w. Wall Mounts Shepherd's Hooks for Patio/Yard 2023 Upgraded

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  • [Multifunction Outdoor Speakers]NULED wireless outdoor speaker is not only a speaker but also an atmosphere lamp, decoration lantern or night light.NULED flame atmosphere speakers can bring crisp clear music and exciting lighting effects anywhere.Each LED flame lantern has 96 LEDs.Each LED flickers warm yellow lights,forming a stunning flame and mimicking extremely realistic & natural dancing flames.Combined with audio function,NULED flame bluetooth speakers create a special moment for you.
  • [IPX5 Water Resistant]Being IPX5 waterproof,NULED outdoor speakers bluetooth can stand up to splashes,spills,and light rain.Great for use by the pool or beach.Every outdoor wireless speaker comes with a ground stake,hook,and wall mount kit.You can have it stand in your gardern or beach,hang it on your camping tent,trees,or patios,or mount it on the wall/porch.
  • [15 Hours Playtime/Loud HD Sound]With Built-in rechargeable 1800mAh battery,NULED patio speakers allow you to enjoy up to 15 nonstop hours of your favorite music,great for a party night and the standby time is up to 60 hours.Built-in 10W audio drivers offer full high-definition stereo sound and clear audio with impressive volume.home gadgets for men,house warming gift for new home.
  • [Dual Pairing & Stereo Surround System]With Built in 10W HD audio and enhanced bass, you can enjoy full high-definition stereo sound with our outdoor flame speakers, One Speaker delivers demonstrates sound and stereo sound, two speakers dual pairing function which can bring clear and real sound and ensure superior stereo sound. You can use NUNET Bluetooth tansmitter (ASIN: B08VHXXHYX) to play sound from your TV on our bluetooth flame speakers.
  • [Useful Gift Ideas For Friends/Family]The portable lantern bluetooth outdoor speakers are unique gifts for men who have everything,home gadgets for women.Great for adding fun illumination,crisp music,and a romantic atmosphere to birthdays,holidays,parties,outdoor activities,Mother's Day,Halloween and Christmas.

Atmospheric Flame Specifications:
1.Flame Light: 96 LEDs Light
2.Bluetooth Version: 5.0
3.Wireless Distance: 30m
4.S/N: >70dB
5.Frequency: 50Hz - 20KHz
6.Speaker: 52mm, 10W
7.Battery: 1800mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery (included)
8.Charging Time: 3 hours
9.Standby Time: 60 hours
10.Playing Time: 15 hours
11.Waterproof/Resistance Rating: IP65

Product Features:
1. Built in LED Flame and 10W Bluetooth speaker. Great for outdoor parties, or reading a book on your patio. Or, ambient sound to give your deck charactor.
2. Dynamic warm flame lights make you feel mysterious in any occasion.
3.Built-in 96 LED Flame Light, when you're outdoor camping, safer and more romantic.

1. We recommend charging the speaker to full before each use.
2. Pull off the USB cable after the charge is full
3. Please do not charge the lamp in a high-humidity. Bring it inside and then charge.

Atmospheric Flame Package Include:
2 x Flame Atmosphere Lamp Wireless Speaker
2 x USB Charging Cable
2 x Shepherd Hooks
2 x Wall Clip
2 x S Shaped Hooks

1 x English User Manual

Nunet® is a registered brand from NuVending. All of NUNET products come with standard One Year Warranty and technical support by phone, email or online chat.



Ask a Question
  • Can you hook up three speakers st once?

    No. You can only hook up two speakers at once.

  • Hello when I purchased theses speakers it said you can pair 100 of them. I have 4 and can not link them together.

    Can I know which model you made purchase from us? Could you please send us a link? So far we only have NULED multilink flame speakers NU-10M which can sync unlimited speakers. If our product has misleading information, please let us know so we can make correction.  NU-A1B and NU-100 are our TWS speakers which can support up to two speakers to play stereo sound (one for left channel the other for right channel). NU-10M can only the same sound effect. Here are some videos:
    NULED multilink speakers NU-10Mhttps://youtu.be/LqvsiATyHwY
    NULED flame speakers NU-A1B: https://youtu.be/6P3hpbditl4
    NULED lantern speakers NU-100:https://youtu.be/XxQYNoYQ3LY

  • Is this product made in the U.S.A?

    We are a small business in the US. It is made in China but assembled in the US.

  • When I press the volume up (+) button, the speaker moves one song forward instead of turning up the volume. Is anyone else experiencing the thing? I've tried regular press, quick press, very quick press, and I still get a change of song only.

    Did you press and hold  (or long press) the volume up button?

  • What the magnets for and how to attach them to the bracket

    The magnets are used to mount to the bottom of the speaker and stick to some metal surface. You can not attach it the the wall bracket. You need to use screws to mount wall bracket to a wall.

  • Do you need to power off after every use

    The speaker will be automatically turned off if it is left idle for around 10 mins.

  • Is it possible to rename my speaker when it appears on Bluetooth. It currently is NULED - can i change it to soemthing else?

    No. Sorry you can not change it. But if you want to order 500pcs, we can change it in our factory.

  • Like several questions below, my pair of Nuled speakers will not pair with each other. I've done everything suggested in each answer below at least 3 times to no avail. They both will pair to my phone individually (showing two bluetooth choices on my iPhone Bluetooth menu) but even when I "forget device" from the phone's bluetooth options and start over, they still won't pair with each other. Just continue to both flash. Please help?

    Hi Bob, you said your phone can connect to each speaker individually? You can unpair them from the bluetooth on your phone. Then turn on both speakers at the same time. They should be able to pair each other. If not, short press the power button on one of the speakers. If you hear DuDu beep and the top LED on one of speakers goes to solid then they are paired with each other.

  • Is this brand capable of being tv speakers? I have a newer model TV.

    Hello Cindy, If your TV has bluetooth function then you can try to set the Bluetooth speakers at pairing mode (top LED will be flashing) then find "NULED" in the Bluetooth setting of your TV. If your TV can only pair its own brand TV speaker, then you can go to buy NUNET LED bluetooth transmitter (ASIN: B08VHXXHYX) in Amazon then plug it into the AUX output of your TV and pair it with our NULED speakers. If you have more question, please let me know.

  • should the speakers be brought inside when not in use ?

    Yes. The speakers are splashproof but still might get damaged by moisture or raining if exposed outdoor in wet days for long time.

  • What Bluetooth Codec do these use?

    I do not understand your question exactly. It uses TWS bluetooth technology so it can play stereo music. The bluetooth name is NULED.

  • I can connect my phone to either device individually and they will play music but no matter what I do i cannot get the speakers to connect together, I even left them blinking for 20 minutes on the counter, what else can I try I dont want to return them already but loosing patience quickly. please help!!

    I am sorry for the inconvenience. Before the speaker connects to your phone, you need to let them connect to each other first. You can try to turn off the Bluetooth of your phone and power off both speakers first. Then power on both speakers again. Then they should connect to each other and one speaker should show solid LED on the top and the other one should show blinking LED on the top. Now you can turn on the bluetooth on your phone and connect to the shared bluetooth name "NULED". Now you should be able to play stereo music.

  • the flame will not shut off

    Hi I am sorry to hear that. You mean after you press the LED light on/off button in the center, it will not turn on/off? Here is the picture: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1912/0675/products/61JGPwFXQ9L._SL1000_480x480.jpg?v=1534544359. Please let us know your order ID, then we can exchange it for you.

  • Cannot Pair Second Speaker - followed instructions below. Both speakers can play music but only one at a time. One speaker is solid - the other just blinks but will not link to the other. Purchased from Amazon - I will need to return if not resolved. Thanks.

    Hi Here is the updated instruction to pair two NULED flame speakers: 
    1. Turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and turn on two NULED speakers. If one the speakers gives a warning tone after a few seconds and its top LED indicator changes to steady, then you can connect to its Bluetooth name "NULED" to play stereo music.
    2. If both top LED indicators keep flashing, then turn off speakers and turn on one of the speakers.
    3. Connect to its Bluetooth"NULED" then do the same on the second one. You might need to try a couple of times to connect one of the speakers to your phone. After that turn the speakers and your phone off and repeat the above step 1. The one with steady LED will be the donkey lamp playing as the right channel, the other one with flashing LED will play as the left channel. Please let me know whether it helps.

  • Can someone please help with pairing these two devices together. I’ve tried the steps in the instructions below and it still doesn’t work. Music will only play out of one speaker at a time

    Hi Here is the updated instruction to pair two NULED flame speakers: 
    Turn on two NULED speakers. If one the speakers gives a warning tone after a few seconds and its top LED indicator changes to steady, then you can connect to its Bluetooth name "NULED" to play stereo music. If both top LED indicators keep flashing, then turn off speakers and turn on one of the speakers. Connect to its Bluetooth"NULED" then do the same on the second one. You might need to try a couple of times to connect one of the speakers to your phone. After that turn the speakers and your phone off and repeat the above first step. The one with steady LED will be the donkey lamp playing as the right channel, the other one with flashing LED will play as the left channel.   

  • how many can you sync together just 2 or can you do 4 since it's 2 at a time?

    You can only sync 2 together. Actually after two NULED speakers pair with each other, you will only be able to see and connect to one "NULED" bluetooth connection list.

  • I have followed the pairing video exactly. When turning then both on they continue to blink and never ever pair with each other. I have all Bluetooth turned off. Why are they not pairing?

    Normally when you turn on both speakers at the same time they should be able to pair with each other (the top LED on one of the speakers will become steady solid). They are ready to play stereo music. If the LED just keeps flashing on both, then that means one speaker has Bluetooth connection issue. You can turn one off and try to pair the other one with your phone. The screen might pop up an error message. Then take it closer to your phone and try a couple of times. It should connect without any issue. Then turn off the bluetooth on your phone and turn on the first speaker. One of them beeps with "DiDi" and flashing LED becomes steady solid. That means they are paired. If you still have issue, please let us know.

  • I can’t get my two speakers to sync up to each other.

    Can you please check to see whether both speakers have "NULED" mark on the its body? If so, you can just turn on both speakers at the same time. Then they will connect to each other automatically then you can go to the bluetooth setting on your phone and choose NULED to play music. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/kVjxFPeSFmE. Please let me know whether it works. 

  • Does the red light go out when the speaker is fully charged...and how long does it take to fully charge speaker?

    Yes the red light will go out when it is fully charged. It takes around 7 hours to charge the battery. It is 3600mAh big capacity. After full charged, it works about 13 hours if the speaker and the lamp work at the same time. It works about 60 hours if the lamp works only.

  • Is it possible to connect 2 sets of nuled tws outdoor flame speakers nu-20p?

    Hi Kimberlee,
    Did you purchase our NU-20P in our ebay store? Our NU-20P are TWS speakers which allow you to connect two speakers for stereo sound at 10W easch. But it will not allow you to connect more than 2 speakers. If you want to connect multiple speakers, you should choose our multilink LED flame speakers NU-10M. They do not play separate channels for stereo sound effect. If you like, we can exchange the NU-20P to NU-10M for you after we get your return. Here are the video: https://youtu.be/LqvsiATyHwY. Please let us know.

  • What are the pairing instructions for model NU-20P? Everything previously answered and videos of pairing are for older versions and the ones I purchased did not have instructions in the box. The older model instructions do not work. I can pair each one individually and with my phone I can pair both individually at the same time, but the speakers will not pair to each other for stereo like the older version I have that does. Newer phones can send sound to 2 or more Bluetooth devices.

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for your purchase. Please double click the power button of one speaker and see whether they can pair to each other. If it works, please help leave an Amazon review to share your knowledge. We will also put an instruction to our product page and update our user manual to add this pairing instruction. Thanks!

  • Can you purchase new charging cords???

    Thanks for your purchase. If you can help leave an Amazon review for us and give us your shipping address, we will be happy to send a microUSB charging cord for free. It is a regular microUSB charging cord for most Android phones and other rechargeable devices.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mike Hair

Excellent product, Excellent sound quality too. And most of all Excellent customer service too. Had an issue with one speaker Ron in customer service took his time to help me get a new one... Thanks

Derek Lohmann
Useless as speakers

This is my second try at getting them to work. My first set had one speaker that would constantly emit static noise when playing, but at least it would be loud enough to hear. With the replacement I received (customer service worked flawlessly), the sound is now so quiet, that even at full volume, a person talking is twice as loud. Needless to say, I feel cheated and cannot recommend these speakers. They make nice lights, but that is about it. Way overpriced for that.
If customer service is able to resolve my issue, I will update my review.

James Camara
These speakers are awesome!

I just received these speakers today and they are even cooler than I thought they would be. I had a little trouble trying to pair the set only because I was so excited I didn’t read the directions well. Once I was able to stow my excitement a bit and follow the step by step directions, I had absolutely no problem. They sound fantastic and the tiki lights are so cool. I also like how they came with the adjustable wall mounts, hooks, and magnate mounts for even more versatility and over all portability of these speaker’s. They are an instant hit with my family and I cannot wait to bust them out at our next family gathering. Very happy with this purchase would give more stars if I could!

Samya N.
Great Speakers

Fast shipping, great deal and great quality. Very happy.

Brent Loebick
Best Speaker/lamp for the price

The speaker/lamp works great. Does everything I was hoping it was going to do. The sound is great and light work great. Had no problems pairing two speakers. Looks great on our gazebo area.

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