ATSC Digital TV(DTV) Converter Box w/ Flat TV Antenna and Recorder

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Have a TV in your waiting/lunch room but no signals? This kit receives free broadcast High Definition TV signals (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox etc. Find your local TV stations online: Lists of television channels in the United States).; Supports 1080p HD; 1-Year Limited Warranty.
NUNET Digital TV Converter Box will convert digital signals to your existing TV with HDMI/Composite connection. And it has the capability to pull certain unencrypted digital cable channels (also known as "in-the-clear" channels), watch them on your television without using any additional set-top box for which you'd have to pay a monthly subscription or with internet. With the NUNET ATSC Digital TV Converter Box, you finally won't have to replace your analog television to take advantage of its many benefits!

Enjoy lots of funny features!

LCD Screen: With the bright LCD Screen you will always know what channel you are on and what time it is.

Favorite Channel: Create your own custom channel list for easier browsing.

Parental Control: Keep children from watching inappropriate shows with the Parental Control feature.

Auto Signal Tuning: The digital converter box auto tunes each channel so you can receive the best possible picture.

Analog Pass-through Channel 3/4 :You can choose to have your shows broadcasted on channel 3/4.

DVR and Multimedia Function: Record your favorite TV show, playback movies, view pictures, and listen to your favorite music via a USB external storage device (not included).

All the above and other features such as Parental Control, Electronic Programming Guide for 7 Day in advance, Signal Quality Indicator, Closed Captioning are there in a fully functional remote control.

Super easy to set up.

Nuvending is US local company in California. All of our products come with standard ONE-YEAR warranty.

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  • Je veux savoir si les canal sont en Français anglais

    Which state and city are you in? You can search online to find your local TV stations to see whether this is any channel in French: Please keep us updated with your feedback. We will send you a bonus of our Nucharger QC31 international travel charger.

  • What do the other connectors on the back of the unit do? The TV sound is low. Adjusting the TV's sound and the converter's sound still does not increase the sound very much. Is there a way to increase the sound level?

    Using the ATSC remote controller, press the volume button until the ATSC box reaches max volume. Then use your TV’s remote to adjust the sound on your Television.

    The ATSC DTV Converter box has several different video/Audio port options available. Looking at the back of the ATSC unit Starting from right to left, below are the connections and what they do. 1. Ant In is for using an Antenna to pick up local channels. 2. Ant RF (Radio Frequency) Out. This is used for Analog Channels CH3/CH4 3. Coaxial Digital Audio Output. Both audio channels, left and right are combined into one cable. Any RCA cable can be used for this option. Home Stereo/theatre system often have an option to use this for Digital home Audio. 4. HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface. 1080p Video and higher. 5. Lower Coaxial Digital: Yellow (CVBS: Composite Video), Red (AR: Audio Right), White (AL: Audio Left), 6. Upper Coaxial Digital: Green ( Y ),  Blue (Pb), Red (Pr) High Definition Composite. Using this option will require the use of the Lower Coaxial Digital inputs for Audio Left (White) and Audio Right (Red), or the use of option number 3, the red Coaxial input. Also, the volume may vary due to the signal from your local channel networks. Different channels will vary in volume given their location. 

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