MicroUSB Dash Cam Hard wire Fuse Kit (Micro USB Direct Hardwire and Ground)

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The Dash Cam Hardwire Fuse Kit with Micro USB Bundle has everything you need to hardwire a dash camera to your car’s battery. It creates a new circuit in your fuse box that you can use to power your dash camera 24 hours a day. You can record video in your car continuously without draining the battery on your camera. There's no point in keeping a dash camera in your car if you don’t have a way to charge the battery. Hardwiring your dash camera to the fuse box gives the camera 24 hours of battery life. If you’re worried about someone breaking into your car when it’s in the parking lot, you can rest assured that your dash camera will always be on and ready to record. Everyone needs to keep their phone charged while they’re driving. The Dash Cam Hardwire Kit keeps your 12V outlet free, so you can keep your phone charged and power your dash camera at the same time. Keeping your 12V outlet free also means that there’s less RF interference or static when you’re listening to the radio. You can play your favorite station without losing the signal.


NuCam DL Hardwire Kit Product Specifications: 

  • 10 Foot hardwire kit for dash cameras and other devices that use micro USB.
  • For use with the NuCam DL
  • Perfect for parking surveillance, freeing up outlets in your vehicle
  • Protects against battery dying
  • Installation looks easy, clean and professional

NuCam DL Hardwire Kit Package Includes:

1 x MicroUSB Hard wire Kit 
1 x Low-Profile Mini Fuse Add-A-Circuit Fuse Holder, And Fuse
1 x Mini Blade Fuse Add-A-Circuit Fuse Holder, And Fuse
1 x ATO (regular) Fuse Add-A-Circuit Fuse Holder, And Fuse
1 x Micro2 Fuse Add-A-Curcuit Fuse Holder, And Fuse

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    Micro/Mini USB Hardwire kit Installation guide.


    *We recommend watching the video below before installation because its helpful with the first three steps. The video will go over how to use the kit and what obstacles to look for when you’re installing the kit. *The Hardwire Fuse Kit with Micro USB Bundle has everything you need to charge your dash cam (Such as NuCam DL or NuCam AW), cellphone, tablets or any other devices from your car’s battery even if your engine is off. 

    *It has low voltage protection so that you can power your dash camera 24/7 without draining your battery below 11.6V. The Hardwire Kit keeps your car battery with enough charge to start your car.

    1. Fuse Box Location: First, open your cars Owners Manual and search the index in the back of your book for keywords: Fuses, Fuse Box, Panel Description. Its common for current year model cars to have more than one fuse box location. (See Fig.1, Positive lead, DC 12/24V)

    *If you’re using Parking Mode on your dash cam, you will have to use a “Constant Power, or Hot in Start” Fuse location. If you want your device to stop charging when your car is turned off. Use the “Acc, or Accessory” Fuse Location on your fuse box.  

    1. Ground Location: If you’re using the engine bay fuse box, there will be a ground point with black wires and a bolt attached to the frame/body of the car. This area will have no car paint, as it is the negative power terminals ground. If you’re using an interior fuse box, you will have to find an unpainted bolt that is attached to the cars frame/body.  (See 1, Ground Wire)
    2. Decide the Fuse type to use: In your vehicle fuse box, there should be a Fuse Puller. If there isn’t one, you can use pliers; be careful, the pliers can crack the fuse with too much pressure. After you’ve found the fuse you want to use, remove the fuse and match it to one of the provided Fuse Adapters. (See Fig.2, Fuse Types)
    3. Connect the Fuse Adapter to your Hardwire Kit: This part of the installation does not require Cable Crimpers. You will need to push the male Positive Lead into the female positive lead; They will slide and clip together. After the connection is secured, slide the protective sleeves over the connection and make the sleeves over-lap each other. (See Fig.3, Connecting Fuse Adapter)
    4. Route your Cable: This step is not mandatory but it does get all the cables out of the way.       

    *If your Kit is missing pieces, Contact us at Support@NuVending.com with your Original Order Number.



    Questions & Answers

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    • Need to know if this wiring kit will work on my 2014 Toyota Tacoma and also on my 2013 Hyundai Sonata I know different cars have different style fuses

      Hi I am glad to tell you that we will put 4 different adapters with 4 types of fuses: Low Profile Mini Fuse; Mini Fuse; ATO(regular) and MAXI fuse in our new shipment of hard wire kit. So it should be able to fit almost all of the different car models. It will be available if you place order from our website. 

    • How long is the cord? Do you just plug it into any empty circuit hole on your fuse box and ground it or is it more complicated than that?

      Hi, you will need to select an open fuse location on your fuse box. Using a voltmeter, test the location for power while the car is off. Put the positive (red) terminal on the fuse slot on the fuse box, and negative (-) terminal on a Ground in the car. You'll want an empty slot with a current while the car is off. The cable is 1.96m, almost 6.5ft. The total length is 10ft.

      NuVending Team

    • What if I am not interested in continuous power to my dash cam, will it hurt to attach to a fuse not powered all the time?

      It will not hurt. Some dash cams might not function well with continuous power.

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