WiFi Extension Antenna Magnetic Stand Base RP SMA Connector w. 10ft Cable Strong Magnets for Camera, Radio, Router, NuCam etc.

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  • Car Universal Magnetic Base Roof Mount Radio AM/FM Aerial Antenna: The base for car, boat, home, FM radio. Universal type fits most vehicles. Strong magnetic base roof mount, easy installation,no drilling required.
  • Wi-Fi Antenna Magnet Mount: It can be used for extension and fixing of various antennas.
  • Wi-Fi Antenna Magnetic Stand Base + 10-FT Extension Cable: This is a Wi-Fi antenna stand built with a strong magnetic base and RP-SMA connector on the end plus a long antenna extension cable. Very suitable for GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, 2.4Ghz and all other wireless devices that needs antenna installation if you want to move your antenna on a table-top or metal shelf or stick to the car roof.
  • Strong Magnetic Base: The antenna base has strong magnetic suction on the bottom, which helps the base and antenna stay firmly on any metallic object or surface.
  • Mounting Holes: If you do not have a metal surface for the magnet to stay on, the base also provides 2 mounting holes for screw-in installation.

Check NuCam WR product page for the product detail information and also other accessories available to meet your specific requirements.

  • SMA Connector
  • Magnetic Base
  • High Gain 6dBi Omnidirectional Antenna - Antenna can tilt to 90-Degree Angle from Magnetic Base
  • Antenna with Base is 5 inches tall
  • Cable is 9.5ft
  • 2.4GHz network wireless device

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  • Does this require it be in range of a router to use this camera?

    NuCam WR comes with its own wifi module. So you can use your phone to connect to it on AP mode directly without using a router. Wifi module working distance is around 200 ft in open area. If there is obstales between the camera and your phone/tablet, then this extension antenna is recommended. The extension antenna comes with magnetic base too. I recommend to get one if you want to get clear signal when using NuCam inside of your trailer or on the back of a 50 ft truck.
    You can also connect the camera to a router in its wifi range. This is STA mode. Thus you can view the camera anyhwere. A reminder is after you get into STA mode (setting up wireless connection to your router), then you need to do reset if you want to move the camera to another Wifi environment or go back to AP mode.

  • Can you get a longer cable to extend antenna more than 9 feet, possibly 30 feet?

    Yes definitely our contract manufacturer can make it longer. But can I know why you need such long extention antenna? I am not sure about the market size. One issue is longer cable means more attenuation of the signal along with the antenna cable.

  • can I use any wifi antenna on this camera, SMA connector 6dBi omni, 2.4 Ghz

    What is a WiFi antenna? The antenna in our NuCam WR can be used to receive WiFi signal from any router.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
François Lemaire

J’ai une roulotte de type fiftweel d’une longueur de 27 pieds. Je viens tout juste d’acheter une caméra NUCAM WR et je veux installer cette nouvelle caméra sur le bumper arrière de la fiftweel, pour surveiller mon trailer et le side by side. Selon votre opinion, est-ce que je peux utiliser la caméra et obtenir un bon signal sans acheter une extension de antenne????

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