NuCam 360 2018 Upgraded Light Bulb 360° Camera 1080P WiFi

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Pet Baby Monitor LED Light Control Hidden Cam Support 128Gb Memory Card Recording Motion Detection Night Vision Panoramic Lens

Smart and Bright Security Camera

The NuCam 360 Light Bulb Camera solves most if not all your security needs. With its hassle-free and wireless installation you can go ahead screw it on like any regular light bulb. But the magic happens as soon as you connect it through your WiFi and it starts to operate as your security camera! The one great advantage this camera possesses is it can be installed discreetly, and on the most common areas of your home or office. You can install it as one of your recessed lighting and point it directly down or attach the included socket extender to direct the camera to the angle you most prefer. With clear 1080p HD resolution and Two-Way Talk means you know exactly what you're seeing and who you're speaking with. Be it a cat passing by or a stranger tip-toeing around, it will surely trigger the NuCam 360s Motion Detection capabilities and catch the action. Slip in a MicroSD Card and you can record whatever you need to see. Install one or more and view it all on your smartphone or mobile device with the installed app. The NuCam 360 gives you the peace of mind for your home and office, one smart and bright bulb at a time.

Full 1080p - HD images makes for accurate recognition - of faces, intentions or objects. Make no mistake about it, literally.

360 Degree Panoramic View - See what's coming, see what's going, and see what's going on. Its 360° Panoramic View let's you see what was the before and after of a specific event. It's also equipped with a 185° wide fisheye lens, the NuCam light bulb camera gives you full coverage of the entire room, and every corner of your home and office. Catch all the angles!

Wifi and App Convenience - Easily upload the app to your smartphone or mobile device, connect to your home network and you're ready to go! No wires, no tools, no stress.

Talk Both Ways - Away from home? No problem. Not only can you see who's by the door, around your home or property, but you can literally have a conversation with them on camera through your phone app! The Two-Way Talk feature is a priceless deterrent. Give instructions to the UPS guy or warn the bad guy, you're as good as home! 

Storage and Recording - Recording a specific event is an absolute must. That's why the NuCam 360 has a MicroSD Card slot for you to be able to record or store video clips as you please. The phone app also has a playback feature where you can view all recorded events from the SD Card at your convenience!

Motion Detection - Highly sensitive Motion Detection feature catches objects or living things in motion! When any motion is detected, NuCam 360 will send alert message with an image capture to your mobile phone via the app, letting you to stay on top of things as it happens.


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    • Is it water resistant?

      Sorry it is not water resistant. You have to use it indoor or under eaves or shroud to protect it from raining. For water resistant situation, I recommend to use our NuCam WR. It is water resistant with its antenna. It supports WiFi signal range up to 150ft.  It has a 3000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. It also comes with 16gb microSD card and 720p HD video resolution. You can use in your trailer, truck, boat, campsite, back yard, driveway etc.

    • Is it like a alarm system?

      Yes it comes with alarm which you will receive alert message on your phone with capture picture. Since it is a 360 degree light bulb camera, it might not be sensitive enough to capture motion detection on the edge of the picture. You can always install multiple NuCams in different positions to make sure they can cover most of the areas you desire. If any more question, please let me know.

    • What is the lifespan expectancy of the light, and of the camera?

      The LED light lasts 300,000 hours which is more than 30 years. Camera does not have such limitation. But humidity might make it shorter. So you can expect to use it around 10 years in dry, normal conditions.

    • Hi, I bought this product a while ago but never used it. Today I plugged it into a light bulb socket but nothing happened. No flash light, no beeping. Seems no power. How to troubleshoot and get it working? Thanks

      Hi This model has been discontinued. We recommend to use our NuCam 380. Do you want to get a replacement if it is in our one year warranty?

    • Can this be used without wifi, and only SD card ? My garage is to far away for wifi. Can I still be able to use the app to retrieve SD card video and pictures without WIFI ? What is the longest recording without wifi ?

      Sorry to get back to you late. I think you can use it without WiFi. You should be able to use the app to retrieve SD card videos and pictures under AP mode. Please let me know whether it works.

    • Can the cam still record the image even if the motion detector doesn't detect anything ? Can the cam still record the image even if it's light is not on ?

      Yes the camera will continously record to the microSD card no matter the LED light is on or off, no matter there is motion detected or not. You can set to receive motion detection alert or not, or turn on LED light manually or automatically in the dark.

    • Does it support nigh vision ?

      Yes it supports night vision. But since night vision has 15ft limit to see at night, you can choose to turn on the LED automatically at night thus you can see further with LED light on. 

    • Can it be used at outdoor ?

      You can use it outdoor but since it is not waterproof, you have to install it under the eave or with a shroud.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    An interesting product that can do the job of multiple cameras! Simple to install and clear HD video feed. The mobile application needs some work though

    A perfect solution to your home security

    I bought this product to monitor my home security. It looks same as a bulb and the camera is unnoticeable unless watched from a closer view. I connected the camera to my floor lamp and was surprised by the perfect HD view provided by this bulb camera. The picture quality is perfect, you get 360 degree view.


    1. Unnoticeable camera
    2. High quality video and picture quality.
    3. Perfect 360 degree view.
    4. Camera has speakers through which you can speak and give instructions.
    5. It has microSD card slot which can be used to store the video footage.
    6. Connects easily with the phone.
    7. Can connect multiple cameras with the same app.

    Could not find any cons, till now

    tim shaver
    Nu Cam 360 1080 P security camera

    This camera is wonderful , The 360 view was very easy to set up.
    The 360 view is remarkable the quality of the camera is beyond expectations for 100.00 .
    The microphone has excellent listening features .
    I have been using this camera for awhile and i would
    highly recommend , this camera software is really great very easy phone app to use .
    you can save a video to view later ,
    I will be ordering one of these for a different residence best 100.00 I ever spent

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