NULED Flame Speaker IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Atmosphere LED Stereo Speaker w. 3600mAh/3.7V Rechargeable Batteries for Deck, Patio, Parties, Pair 2 speakers for Surround Sound - Pair

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  • VIVID AMBIENCE: The flame is made with 60 LEDs and safe to use, which can be turned on or off, with or without using the speaker. The matte finish and elegent design with IP65 waterproof makes it perfect to be used in your party, back yard or bedroom for decoration and warming up.
  • STEREO SOUND: The speaker has 5W output. You can purchase two of these and pair them together. The Speakers will split the Stereo sound for left and right. One speaker will play Left stereo and the Second speaker will play Stereo Right. This means surround sound and Zero audio lag between both speakers.
  • RELIABLE BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Connect your first Flame Speaker to your cellphone through Bluetooth. Then, short press the power button on speaker 1, and turn on your speaker 2. Wait for the Bluetooth name to show on your cellphone and tap it.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Built-in rechargeable 3600mAh/3.7V batteries in series connection(brighter LEDs at 7.4V). MicroUSB to charge - included.
  • VERSATILE PLACEMENT: It also comes with a built-in standard 1/4"-20 UNC threaded hole on the bottom, which can be easily applied to walls or other platforms with the included wall mount, or magnetic base or hook. All of Nuvending products come with one year warranty from a US domestic business.


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  • Can I connect 4 NULED speakers? I purchased a set of two and liked them, so I would like to add another set of two, but still have them all connected at the same time from the same source, can this be done?

    Right TWS technology only allows two speakers to pair each other. But you can purchase two of our LED bluetooth transmitters in our website or Nuvending Amazon store plus an audio splitter cable so each transmitter can connect to two NULED speakers. With the audio spitter, you can also play sournd from AUX IN port such as from your TV. Please let me know how you like the idea.

  • Is there any device I can use to connect 4 speakers together

    Hi David,
    Yes. We just released a bluetooth transmitter. (Will be in stock soon. Please let me know if you need one. We are looking for reviewers.). You can use a 3.5mm audio splitter (included) to connect two transmitters. Each transmitter can connect to 2 NULED speakers. Thus you can play music on 4 NULED speakers from an AUX output.

  • Trying to pair 2 speakers. Turn on. both flash for a bit, then both go to solid. I tap the "power" button on 1 (which you never say to do, but it was mentioned in the video). Nothing. Turn on BlueTooth on laptop. Nothing (I have 2 NULED entries, but cannot connect with either). 1. How do I know when the speakers are paired? 2. Once paired, how do I get them to connect to my laptop's bluetooth? Thank you

    If both top LEDs go to solid that means they connect to your phone individually instead of connecting to each other for pairing. Please turn off the bluetooth on your phone. Then turn off both speakers then turn on again to allow them to pair each other then find NULED in bluetooth to connect to play stereo music. If not, please make sure both speakers can connect to your phone individually on bluetooth.

  • I can't get both NULED Flame Speakers to synch and can't get the set up guide to load on the website. Could you send me a link the the setup guide? The Setup Guide and videos tabs don't load. Thanks

    Thanks for pointing that out. Here is the instruction to pair two speakers in our user manual: How to connect 2 NULED speakers for stereo sound?
    1.Turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and turn on 2 NULED speakers at the same time. If one gives a warning tone after a few seconds and its top LED indicator changes to steady, then you can connect to its Bluetooth name “NELED” on your phone to play stereo music.
    2.If both top LED indicators keep flashing, then turn off speakers and turn on one of the speakers. Connect to its Bluetooth ”NULED” then do the same on the second one. Turn them off and repeat the above first step. You might need to try a couple of times to connect. The one with steady LED will be the donkey lamp playing as the right channel.
    3.Connect to “NULED” in Bluetooth to play stereo music now. 
    If you can pair them, most likely you have problem to pair your phone with one of the speakers. Just try to pair with that specific speaker first then let those speakers pair each other first (turn off the bluetooth of your phone. Otherwise the speaker will pair with your phone first before they pair with each other.). Please let me know whether it works

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